Why a Blog?

Because, quite simply and full of cliches, why not?

I’ve always loved to write. I’ve kept journals my entire life. I entered the University of Iowa as a pre-Journalism major, and then discovered I had no interest for news reporting. I’m an avid reader, have been following certain blogs and news sources for years. I have no problem writing, and ranting, about the things I love or care strongly about. While I’ve thought about starting a blog in the past, being self conscious has stopped me before I started. Now I feel like I’m at a place in my life where I feel self assured enough to be really excited about a new way to express myself. So, what exactly am I going to write about?

The majority of this blog will be dedicated to life as a student athlete at the University of Iowa. It will be about my love for the sport of diving, and the intense love and dedication I have for my team. It will be about what I miss about Canada and incredibly supportive family back home. I want to cover current events that hold my interest, and my personal opinion on the matter. I want to write about future plans, events, and opportunities. In addition, I’m not ruling out any posts about food, vacations, or school either!

Thanks for taking a look, and feel free to contact me with suggestions for improvement in my writing or topic suggestions!


2013-03-24 22.03.25


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