Lover of Lists

So, I’m a pretty massive fan of To-Do lists. Any of my friends can assure you I’m the kind of person to write something down that I’ve already done, just for the simple joy of crossing it off. So I figured what a better way to get a blog rolling then with some good ol’ go to lists. At least they’re not to do lists, right?

Ten Facts About Lauren Elyse

  1. I went to the same summer camp for ten years, YMCA Camp Chief Hector, and would do anything to go back
  2. My hair has been every (hair) color under the sun. Primarily in junior high. Red, brunette, pink highlights… Thankfully a natural blonde again!
  3. I’m semi-obsessed with the Olympic Games, and want to work in high performance amateur sport
  4. I’ve been to 31 different airports
  5. Met my boyfriend at a skating rink. Yup, that happened.
  6. I taught myself guitar when I was 16 years old, and played in coffee shops after high school
  7. I’m procrastinating doing homework right now
  8. Met my best friend because we dated the same guy in high school way back when
  9. Learning how to cook is one of my biggest accomplishments
  10. I worked at Starbucks for a year, and could still probably make any drink on the spot

Ten Favorites

  1. Coffee and tea. I start every single morning with coffee. Some could call it an addiction
  2. Hot yoga. While I don’t have time for it often, it makes my entire week when I can go!
  3. That second playlist at the pool during our practices that’s NOT classic rock and oldies
  4. The necklace I wear everyday from my mother on the 20th birthday, that says “Live Out Loud”
  5. Country music! Best music for any type of mood you need to be in.
  6. Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. Go read it. Right now.
  7. Obsessed with the tv show Castle. Nathon Fillion, you get me. It’s okay.
  8. The super tender flank steak my mother makes whenever I come home.
  9. Back one a half pike on the 1m springboard, and front two and a half with a full twist on 3m springboard
  10. When I don’t have to set an alarm in the morning

Ten Not-So-Favorites

  1. Spicy foods. I can’t handle it. I can’t even pretend to handle it.
  2. The paperwork involved in being an international student
  3. When people ask how “swim” practice went
  4. Mustard
  5. When my dishwasher is so loud it sounds like a fighter jet
  6. When people ask “Really? Iowa?” YES. IOWA. IT’S AWESOME.
  7. Tornado warnings. Still not used to them
  8. “You look tired”
  9. Not being able to put on body lotion Mon through Sat because of practice
  10. Figuring out a new way to cite sources

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