Let It Snow, Let It Snow…

New Briefcase (2)3

From left to right, top row down: Canadian 2013, Canada, 2012, Sochi 2014, Canada 2014, USA 2014, Canada 2011, Canada 2010. I do not own any of these images.

Top row? Check. Bottom row? Check (times two for the 2011 pair!). Middle row? Work in progress. All I want for Christmas is one of each, please and thank you! You may have now seen the news that came out recently that the United States Olympic committee plans on capitalizing the popularity of the Canadian Olympic Mittens by producing their own this year. And then TODAY, I see an article stating that the Sochi Olympic Organizing Committee plans on doing the same! I’ve got mixed feelings about this popular trend, which make me sound both extremely patriotic and sort of like a hipster at the same time.

Well, we had mittens before they were cool. Whoa Lauren, slow down. Your hipster is showing. There’s a small part of me that wants to keep this trend all to ourselves. I want mittens to be our thing. If Canada is going to completely domineer the world in anything (besides basically all Winter Olympic Sports), it might as well be mittens. I want to yell out “Copycat!” Show and demonstrate to the world that it wasn’t their idea, that we had it first!

But hey, if you think about it one the other hand, it’s sort of like Canada is taking over the world.  In the form of patriotism you wear on your hands! How cool is that! So while I may complain that the mittens are not ‘our’ thing anymore, that’s okay. We’re Canadian. We can share. I’m not sure what the revenue generated for the Sochi mittens is planned for, but the USOC ones resemble the Canadian ones in one more fashion that they go to support their athletes. And any athlete, for any nationality, who wants to go to the Olympic Games, deserves a shot at being there. The mitten craze that started in our own backyard is well on it’s way to drumming up even more media attention than it has already received. The fact that a fundraiser for the Vancouver Olympic Games has continued for years and is expanding to global proportions in the span of a single Olympic quad is something that cannot be ignored.

For more information, here are links from the NBC Olympic Sports blog with additional info (I will point out though that in the article about the USOC mittens, while it points out that HBC has rolled out new mittens for the Canadian Olympic Team for Sochi, it fails to state we have also produced and embraced with pride a pair or two a year every year since Vancouver):




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