Fitspo Probs

So I’m an internet fan like everyone else, and I find myself browsing through fitness and health websites and blogs allllllll the time. And then, I come across something like this:

And why shouldn’t I like this? She’s got perfect abs. I love her sports bra.It looks like a nice gym, or even a home gym. Her hair is even in a nice french braid I could never pull off. But the only thing I can think of when I see this is “DEAR LORD WHY ARE YOU WEIGHT LIFTING WITHOUT SHOES ON?!” And then I think of my Dad crushing his foot with a weight and then I wonder why her head is looking directly at the ground and then I remember why I should never, ever go to the gym during peak hours.

I’m all for people making changes in their lifestyles, working out, and lifting weights as opposed to just doing hours of cardio day in and day out. I’m a massive fan of strength training. But please, for the love of all things good in this world- get a trainer. Learn the proper technique to avoid injuries. AND WEAR FREAKING SHOES!


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