Saturday Rambles

Well, today was weird. As a member of an Iowa City car sharing program, I had reserved a car for two days to go up and see my boyfriend and his family for the weekend. I was looking forward to everything about it- the driving, a little getaway, spending some quality time outta my apartment. While long story short, the car I was supposed to rent is in Wisconsin, and now I’m not leaving till 7pm tonight. So there I was, standing on the side of road, doing something I haven’t done in weeks…nothing.

While it sounds humorous, it’s really the truth! As student-athletes, you’re busy. You’re probably busier than any other college student you know. And there I was, with approximately eight hours of time I hadn’t accounted for. After the initial pissed-off feeling that came with the change of plans (and a nap), it occurred to me that for the first time in a looooong time, I had several hours where I had zero obligations, partially in thanks to prepping for the weekend with a lot of time spent at the library this week.

First I napped. It was wonderful. Then I ate lunch, cleaned the kitchen, and made these pumpkin angel food cake bars that were to die for. I did this all in a slow moving, relaxed manner, as opposed to the rushed feeling I get most mornings heading out the door. I got a jump start on some weekend studying, am managing to respond to several emails, and sneak in this blog post!

Maybe this is something I need to do more often. Make time for no plans. No homework dates, grocery shopping, or laundry. Even though I’m still slightly annoyed by the change of pace and plans for my Saturday, I’m thankful for the opportunity to quite frankly do a little bit of nothing.


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