Unwind, Rewind

Sorry for the delay in posts, it might have something to do with the massive amounts I’ve midterms I’ve had this week! Between five exams, two papers, the interview of a lifetime, and evenings working at the pool for our first home duel meet against Michigan State and Northern Iowa (which we won!) it’s been a busier week than normal!

The interview of a lifetime was the Canadian Olympic Committee for the role of Young Ambassador for the Youth Olympic Games in China this coming August. Words cannot describe how much this position would mean to me. I only hope they couldn’t tell how nervous and excited I was during the interview! A post about the position is on the to-do list, or at least a post about why I’m semi-obsessed with working in the Olympic industry.

Anyways, what an incredible break this weekend has been. I was able to come up to see my boyfriend and his family again, and early Saturday morning we piled in the car with parents and took off to Wisconsin for the day! We stopped along the way for coffee (of course), a natures reserve, and the Pike’s Peak State Park. It’s actually named after the same man as the Pike’s Peak in Colorado- he was just in Iowa along the Mississippi two years early! The fall colors were stunning, as you can tell by the photos below. North eastern Iowa and Wisconsin were an October dream. After a minor spell of rain, we made our destination- the apple orchards of Gays Mills! David and his family used to come every October when they were little, and it was so neat to hear all their stories. We ended up leaving with 35 lbs of apples, honeys, jams, and donuts galore! They were apple cider donuts, and yes they were some the greatest donuts I have ever eaten. Sorry Tim Hortons.

2013-10-20 10.27.35-1


2013-10-20 10.29.52

Sometimes you just need to get out, relax, explore. I am so so thankful for these opportunities to see more of the Midwest! You have to take every chance you get as a NCAA D1 student-athlete to appreciate the moments that aren’t drowned out by obligations like school and training. I’ll be posting a recipe that revolves around apples later in the week as well, so stay tuned for that (and I’ll take suggestions!)


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