Morning Joe

HP laptop, Natural creamy peanut butter, whole wheat cranberry zucchini bread, Wisconsin Honey crisp apple,

Mango Chobani greek yogurt, Wisconsin honey, big ass latte

Sometimes, the hours between 7am and 10am, are the most relaxed of my day. Normally yes I’m running around before I leave the house, trying to finish packing food and all my books and probably trying to chug down the rest of my coffee. But some days, when I get up at 5am, lift weights with the team, and come home, I’ve got an hour or two to spare before morning practice where I can just sit back, drink a cup or coffee or two, and prepare my day. Sometimes I’ll just sit in my little study den and look outside. I’ve got a decently nice view, if you ignore the train track about 20 feet away you can admire the colors on the trees. Some days I’ve even baked and made 2 dozen muffins before 9am. It’s when I get to be productive without a deadline necessarily looming. I can write a paper (which I still need to do this morning actually). Sort my laundry. I can get a head start on my day and feel like one of those people who get up at 6am for fun. I can make a massive breakfast, like above, or read the news. Long story sort, and not to sound depressing, I can help get my life in order during these hours. So many times when I come home from second practice, it’s 4:30pm and I’ve trained for six hours and gone to class for four and the laaaaaast thing I want to do is organize my life. When I have a night class, as I often do this semester, I get home and it’s 9:30 pm and there is NO WAY I’m going to try and organize or clean when all I want to do is crash face first into bed. By preparing in the morning properly, I have the ability to feel better all day.

I’m so in love with my life, and that time to stop and smell the coffee roses in the morning just helps me appreciate and take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities of being a 22 year old college athlete. Even it is before many of peers wake up in the morning (I’m talking you sir, in my law class who complains that 11am is too early for a lecture)


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