Can we discuss for a moment my love affair with food? All kinds of food. Salads, steaks, healthy quinoa stuffed peppers (which took four hours but was totally worth it). Any type of baking- cookies, cupcakes, healthy muffins and unhealthy muffins. I’ve had some one time recipes that would make again in a heart beat they were so good: good company chicken, lime cilantro chicken, whole wheat cranberry zucchini bread, or Louisiana beer braised shrimp. I’ve even got a few recipes that I’ve done several times now that I could eat for a week straight. I’m looking at you Mediterranean Shrimp Linguine (with white wine, feta cheese, Parmesan cheese, spinach, loads of parsley, and onions. Brb drooling)

Things I Ate This Weekend/Why I Love the Weekend: chocolate chip cookies, chicken florentine pasta bake, David’s version of scrambled eggs (which he trusted me to make for the first time and I did not screw up!), chicken stir fry with soy sauce, mixed veggies, and brown rice.

Considering posting a weekly recipe to the blog. Not only would it hold me accountable to cooking (at least) once a week, I can be encouraged to write up variations of recipes David and I have tried and loved! Maybe make it a weekly week date myself! I’d love feedback, thoughts, or recipes




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