I am completely geeking out on Hawkeye Athletics right now. There’s not one, but TWO, Big Ten Championship Tournaments going on right now. Field hockey ay Ohio State and soccer at Illinois. At practice this morning we turned on the tv for us to watch TiVo, like we normally would for practice, and for some reason instead of our TiVo channel the Big Ten Network was on. And thank goodness it was!

Field hockey was playing Penn State in the semi-final, with 25 minutes left, and they were down 2-0. And the next half hour was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

We get a goal with 19 minutes left, get ANOTHER goal on a penalty something (sorry I don’t know field hockey). Penn State, the number one team in the Big Ten, fights back setting the score at 3-2. And I kid you not with ZEROS on the clock (I guess you can do that in field hockey) we get possession in front of their goal, AND TIE THE FREAKING GAME! THIS is having the heart of a champion! THAT is fighting till the very bitter end! Unlike my last post about the NYC marathon, this is so close to home. These are my classmates, and my friends.

I’m sure you can predict the story from here. Sudden death overtime, with five minutes left of diving practice we just gave up and watched, and the Iowa Field Hockey team gets the first goal in the net to advance to the Big Ten Championship game. I may have teared up a little bit when the team rushed the field,  throwing their sticks in the air.

Massive congratulations to our Field Hockey girls. You are inspiring, and Hawkeyes everywhere are cheering you on!


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