Sunday Smoothie

Happy Sunday folks. To update the weekend in as little time possible, as I still have an entire paper to edit and an article review to write, I’ll make this brief! First off, the smoothie recipe above is a keeper. I’m always terrible at judging amounts, so I actually had two of these massive glasses, and I could have had three more. It was fantastic for the morning. Adding almond butter and/or spinach to my smoothies is something I just started doing this year and they have become something I want to add every time now! You can’t even taste the spinach, which is a great because I need to find every excuse to finish the bag in time cooking for one (or two every now and then). And the almond butter makes every smoothie taste like dessert, it’s unreal.

So much for being brief. I just wrote a paragraph about a smoothie. It was pretty out of this world at least. In other news,

  • Scratch, the best cupcakery on the planet, opened it’s doors in Coralville and David was nice enough to drive me and my four friends there (the line went out the door!)
  • Our Iowa Hawkeye field hockey team and soccer team failed to win their respective Big Ten Championship title game, but I am so proud of them nonetheless and am inspired by their performance!
  • Iowa Football became official Bowl Game eligible this weekend with a win over Purdue

Hope everyone has a happy Monday! I’m about the spend the week writing nearly two dozen pages for school, so if you see me writing blog posts cyber-slap me on the wrist and tell me to focus!


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