Snowy Weather

It snowed yesterday!! Seems a little early for Iowa City, and it stopped snowing even today. I’m sure we won’t have permanent snow for another several weeks, but yesterday was a treat for this Canadian girl. It was beautiful, big fat snowflakes falling from the sky, and the weather wasn’t even that cold. I had a massive grin on my face, definitely the minority on campus there.

Nearly everyone else I saw yesterday or social media posts displayed was complaining about the snow and the cold, and it made me think. Why do I love the snow. There are many things I can’t stand about winter, namely the bitter cold and the lack of outdoor time because of it. But the snow is one of my favorites.

The snow brings about a new season, showing change and progression. The snow means we’re in the thick of the academic year, and getting into the heavier part of the diving season. Snow is comforting, in the sense it promotes warm sweaters, cuddling, and hot chocolate. Snow reminds me of the mountains, and skiing growing up. The snow brings me home. The snow makes it okay that I’m so far away from my family and hometown- the snow brings me closer to them. The snow warms my heart, because I know it’s almost Christmas and I get to go home soon. Snow is family, and snow is home. Snow is all things Canadian, and I am proud to love it even more because of that. Snow is dominance in the winter Olympic sports. Snow is the red mittens I’ll wear more often with colder weather. Snow raises my spirits, for the simpleness of it’s familiarity to my life and childhood. Snow may bring about colder weather, but maybe, if we’re lucky, we can get one of those big fat snowflakes to land on our tongues like we always tried to accomplish as children.


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