No-Bake Chocolate Fix

It was FREEZING cold outside today. And by that, I mean -10. -10C. Yes, I have become soft and weak and may never leave the house when I return home for Christmas, where today I heard it was everything from -25C to -40C. -10C is like sweater weather back home, and today I had so many layers on you’d think I was WALKING to Canada for break.

Anyways, the chocolate. If you’re anything like me, you crave chocolate every single second of your life day. I actually made these a while ago, but big surprise I got too busy to post it. This is perfect for when you have minimum time and minimum ingredients, but hopefully slightly more willpower than myself.

First, I took all the chocolate chips I had in the apartment which equaled a half gone bag of milk chocolate chips and an unopened bag of dark chocolate chips. I emptied both into the smallest sauce pan I could find, on low heat. I added a couple tablespoons of water and stirred constantly for it to melt properly without the burning the sugar. Next was the fun part, where I assembled all the dried fruit and nuts I had. While this turned into half a dozen bags of things, I ended up with: A full bag of Craisins (and a handful left over from another bag), half a bag of sliced almonds, and half a bag of chopped pecans. I stirred it all into the pot of chocolate, making sure to cover everything, then spread it out on parchment paper I had laid out on a cookie sheet.

Put the cookie sheet in the fridge or freezer. The chocolate will harden around whatever dried fruit and nuts you picked, and then you can break it up into home made trail mix chocolate bark! I kept half of it in the fridge and half of it my freezer, for whenever the dessert mood strikes!


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