Apologizes for the lack of recent posts! No surprises, I got busy, but at least not so busy I couldn’t take full advantage of our winter break. Taking a break from school and diving was wonderful- seeing my friends, family, and hometown, was even better. Since my last post was in the works I finished my finals, flew home, and spent ten days eating, drinking, and socializing. Winter break was everything I wanted and needed it to be. This past semester was the longest I had ever gone without going back to Calgary, and things just got hectic so no one came down to see me either. It was a valuable learning experience, a.k.a. I will never be going that long again!

Between our annual caroling party (where yes we actually sing), Christmas Eve street hockey, Christmas dinners and presents, seeing old friends, and taking a day for the mountains, I felt restored. Like my coach says, at times you just need your batteries recharged. I needed to drive around and see the city, and catch up with extended family. I’ve got two cousins with international trips coming up, and well as immediate family, so it was great to hear about their plans! I met my friend’s four-month old son, and he was a joy. We took the new puppy for walks, went shopping, and even made an evening at the Olympic Oval watching the Canadian Olympic Trials for long track speed skating (which, by the way, looks like a blast). After a 3am wake-up call and hours of traveling, I got to ring in the New Year quietly with my man back in Iowa, and have just arrived in Iowa City yesterday for training camp.

There are a TON of things I’d like to post in the coming weeks! Without classes and homework, I’ll have plenty of time to cook and try recipes, clear out some of my drafts, and maybe try out some new design or formatting things. Happy New Year from Lauren Elyse!


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