I’m not much of a New Years Resolution person anymore. I remember being super into it as a kid and even through high school, but I’ve found the past several years of college has prompted me to set goals at different times of year- mainly between August and early October, I’m setting goals for the season. I’m setting GPA goals towards the beginning of every semester, but I’ve found with 3.5 years of my undergraduate career done with only a year and a half to go I feel I’m pretty set in my ways, and am happy with how my academics have gone. Every summer I set goals for running or cycling, whether I want to run in 3 miles in 28 minutes or less (which my team mate and running partner Abby and I can do fairly easily by the time season rolls around in August) or wanting to cycle up the switchbacks by the bobsleigh track at Winsport in Calgary. For the record, it only took my 12 minutes two summers ago!

When 2014 finally rolled around, I was thinking about Christmas chocolate, training camp, and making sure my suitcase was under 50lbs.I didn’t really make resolutions this year, although I played with a post about the things I was looking forward to the most from 2014. These things include working at the Iowa Diving Camp and the Indiana Diving Camp, going to Mexico for a wedding in September, attending two Senior National Championships, competing for the Hawkeyes again, moving apartments over the summer and starting my final year of college.I’m looking forward to the nights I haven’t planned yet, the concerts I’m going to attend, the weekend excursions and the team movie nights. Sure I can make goals, and work to improve, but I’m also so so happy with the direction my life is headed even though I don’t exactly know where that is. I’m happy and I love what I’m doing every day with the people I’m doing it with- it becomes harder to make resolutions when I’m undoubtedly content.

I loved the idea of creating a less/more list, from the Wellfesto wordpress blog. Without setting the typical SMART goals, it’s such a simple way to state what you want to include more of in your life to improve your well being, and what you want to try and eliminate or pair down. It doesn’t set you up for failure as all it becomes is a simple guideline. To briefly state mine, it would go as follows: More: tea, cooking/menu planning, writing, personal communication, and spontaneity. Less: coffee, sugar, eating out, perfectionism, worry. I want to take this year to really accomplish a major adult milestone….the menu planning. Now that I can at least state “I can cook” honestly, it’s about time. Consider my class scheduale this semester means packing breakfast and lunch almost every day, but I have the majority of my evenings free, perhaps now is the time!

Shout out to everyone trying to accomplish something this year. Nothing bugs me more than when people have no direction- read a book, train for a race, graduate college, change jobs, try a new style. Have something, anything in mind.  I’d love to set big goals this year- travel goals, race goals- but I think this is my year to let things happen instead of forcing them to happen. It’s my year of being a screwdriver and not a hammer. Not to say I’m not working towards anything, but January 1st this year didn’t compel me to set up anything particularly new. Good luck to all the resolutioners out there, whatever you may be pursuing :)


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