Preparing for the Spring 2014 Semester

  • Bought all my books. Cried a little
  • Read a little of the interviews with serial killers book
  • Didn’t sleep for two days
  • Separated all of my notes from last semester into two piles- “save for future reference” and “burn”
  • Tried to sell my books from last semester. Cried again
  • Attempted to track down every black pen that still works in my apartment. Located four. Threw out three dozen..
  • Read my syllabus’s and wrote down all the exams till spring break
  • Cringed when I saw my microeconomics exam directly after spring break
  • Bought cold packs so I can pack lunches (like a child) (no shame)
  • Wrote down all the meals I need to pack during the week (9 packed versus 6 at home if anyone cares)
  • Renewed blogging as procrastination instead of going to Walmart for new notebooks

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