Week One

The update, as promised in my last baking post. We’re only four days into the Spring 2014 semester and I felt slightly overwhelmed already. Midway through the week, and in fact every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I find myself going straight from weights, to class, to class, to practice, to class, and back to practice. Top that off on Wednesday with a class until 9pm. I was so proud of myself being able to menu plan the first week successfully, and I had so much great healthy food in backpack, and in reality ZERO time to eat any of it. Uh oh. I felt like every where I went on campus I was on the verge of running, in a massive rush from one obligation to the next, with a little voice in my head screaming “AHHHHHHHHH” all day. Even my practices felt frenzied, with my mind running constantly on how I was going to fit everything I had planned into the day.

I needed a game plan. I needed more than food in my backpack with no time to eat it, and more than the breathlessness of power walking all over campus. The first thing I did was I adjusted what I was packing for my healthy to go foods. I kid you not, everything I packed on Friday was something I could eat while walking. I abandoned the idea of packing nice little Greek yogurts with a plastic spoon, and embraced a banana with trail mix. All my sandwiches went into (reusable) plastic bags instead of Tupperware to be able to hold it and eat and walk at the same time. And I officially plan on taking the title of “girl who eats in every class” (better than “girl that smells like pool every day”- oh wait…).

This week I plan on going the same route. Even menu planning and grocery shopping this week, I swung by my deli and picked pitas for easy carrying, and the Hy-Vee natural health food section where they always have 10-for-$10 on protein and energy bars (that aren’t just Quaker Oats packed with sugar bars). While I wasn’t able to make dinners tonight for the week, I have all the fresh ingredients in my fridge and no plans tomorrow evening. I might start posting some of my meal plans and lunch ideas- for feedback and to hold myself accountable!

In the grand scheme of things, I also know I’ll adjust to the new schedule. I’ll find the time to eat, and chill out on the morning struggles of power walking. I’d love to hear from you guys what you do to that works when your days are so packed you think there’s not possibly time to do anything but survive! Anyways, enough evening ramblings. That 5am alarm isn’t going to hit snooze by itself. Night!


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