Smoothie Prep!

I wanted to share a couple photos from one of the biggest things I’ve done in regards to menu planning! With a morning off last week, I stopped by Hy-Vee and stocked up on fresh and frozen treats. The goal was to create individual bags for painless smoothie making in the morning- most of the time I’d be running my magic bullet at 6am and drinking it on the way to my 8:30am class!

So what did I get?

  • Two cartons of fresh blueberries
  • Large carton of strawberries (already cut up in the photo)
  • Bag of fresh spinach
  • Bag of frozen mixed berries

I tried to give each one a slightly different ratio of goodies for different flavors!

After measuring them out in my to-go cups I put in them in plastic baggies (that I would re-use, don’t fret!) to throw in the freezer to grab quick in the mornings

Easy as that! I ended up with 12 bags total, and plan on using a couple a week. Since I froze everything, I haven’t needed to add ice cubes to anything. What have been adding? Skim milk or almond milk, vanilla protein powder, or almond butter!

Look at them all lined up in my freezer! Above my nice Tupperwares of Harvest Vegetable Soup some an earlier January post :) Who cares if it’s winter. Fruit smoothie all around!


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