Senior Weekend

Shout out to the Seniors, the class of 2014. This group of swimmers and divers are extra special to me, as they are the class I came in with. Due to long term goals, I took a red shirt year and will be graduating May 2015, but I still consider this group my people. We are the girls that all added each other on Facebook months and months before coming to Iowa. These are the girls that have competed together, trained together, ate slept lived and breathed with each other. This group of guys made us laugh and showed up leadership, and we’ve all cheered each other on for these past four years. Life long friends and connections were made here.

Emotions were at an all time high for me Friday night, at the Senior Meet. Big news though folks- I didn’t cry! Teared up a little perhaps, but no tears actually fell. I can’t imagine this all being over. I can’t imagine only having one year left (much less being done now) (even worse thinking I should have been done a year ago, taking a year off after high school). When you come in as a freshman and everyone tells you “It goes by faster than you think!” …LISTEN!! It’s like in the blink of an eye this team became my family, and we created memories that are going to last a LIFETIME. Once a Hawkeye, always a Hawkeye don’t cry now shit you’re just blogging about it not leaving

Dive Hawks after the Senior Meet- will try to find a full team photo later :)

The rest of the weekend seems like such a blur! My boyfriends family came to practice to watch me dive for the first time, which was so nice of them! Practice was a blast, with the team having such great performances the night before. Saturday night plans included heading over to Cedar Falls to watch the UNI Panthers take on #4 Wichita State! Wichita State and Syracuse are the only teams left in the nation with undefeated seasons so far, but the Panthers led for decent portions of the game and the crowd atmosphere was a BLAST! It was my first UNI basketball game and I looooved it

This week is going to be crazy busy with homework and papers and blahhhcollegestuff but I’m hoping to get one or two posts in that I already have in mind! Goodnight!


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