Updates for My Foodies

Like I’ve mentioned in a couple previous posts, I’ve been trying to do a better job of menu planning for the week. I need to figure out what I’m going to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner EVERY DAY or I will come home and eat toast and oatmeal till I want to explode (oh, if only I kidding…) Admittedly, I have been been doing pretty well with the whole on-the-go plan-ahead meals thing, except for this week :( This week I felt tired, and sluggish, and failed to plan my dinners after my planned breakfasts and lunches. To be honest I can hardly remember what I ate this week during the evenings- that can’t be a good sign of a good meal! So what exactly have I been eating exactly you ask? Here’s what I’ve been picking and choosing from, and creating!

Breakfasts On the Go

  • Banana berry bread (obviously)
  • Dried fruit, trail mix, and mixed nuts
  • Thermos of tea or coffee
  • Smoothies (from my pre-made baggies!)
  • Greek yogurt
  • Apples, bananas
  • Luna bars, Cliff bars, or Lara bars
  • Oatmeal (although I haven’t tried overnight oats yet- thoughts?)

Lunches (with photos!)

  • English muffins with hummus, turkey, and spinach or squash and zucchini slices
  • Pitas with any and all of the above
  • Salads in Tupperwares
  • Apples, bananas
  • Luna bars, Cliff bars, or Lara bars
  • String cheese

I’ve been making an effort to make an assortment of sandwiches using pitas and english muffins. I haven’t bought a loaf of bread in weeks. I’m not trying to cut carbs (I love carbs too much for that), it’s just I find the convenience of having sliced bread around the apartment hard to deal with. Instead of coming home and cooking something healthy, it’s so easy to make another PB&J or two, but when I buy english muffins they come in nice little packs or six for the weeks lunches!

Shoutout to my friend Lindsay (who I know reads lauren elyse CAN) for the Hudson’s Bay Thermos for Christmas…that was the best! It keep coffee hot all day if I pre-heat it!

Also a shoutout to my mother who got me this Eddie Bauer bag, it’s completely durable and is the perfect size to fit in my backpack and hold my daily food.

Yes, it may be a toiletries bag judging by the little mirror (and what my mother uses hers for), but the way I see it is it’s useful for checking to see if I have blueberry in my teeth after my 8:30 am class!


  • Pork with green beans and soy sauce
  • Bagged salad mixes (convenient veggies to the max)
  • Whole grain pasta with ground turkey
  • Thawed harvest vegetable soup
  • Chicken breast and rice with salsa

As you can see, my dinners have been a little boring maybe? I’ll make a goal of posting a recipe that does not involve baking within the next two weeks…I already have date night lined up to make my absolute FAVORITE shrimp linguine dish!


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