Iowa Czech

February has been a complete and utter blur, anyone else feel like it’s gone by in the blink of an eye? This weekend I got an opportunity to spend a couple hours in Cedar Rapids, only a few miles up the road by far enough that we needed a reason to do (that reason was Dick’s Sporting Goods-perhaps my first outfit post is coming soon? Is it still an outfit post if I just talk about leggings?). First we stopped at Smugglers Wharf, which was UNBELIEVABLY good food! David and I took forever deciding what to order which turned out to be not that big of a deal, because everything we got was so fantastic. We ordered mahi-mahi sliders, shrimp tacos, and po boy sandwiches. Ugh I’m carving it now just thinking about it.

Smugglers Wharf was in an area of Cedar Rapids called “Czech Square.” Right by the Czech and Slovak Museum and Art Gallery, the area was full of parks and restaurant and antique stores, one of which we ended up popping into! My apologizes for the lack of photos, as I didn’t think to start snapping some till we were checking out. The owners as it turns out were American, but had lived in Czech Republic for many years! The stories they could tell us about some of the artifacts where very neat, and they also carried some beautiful pottery where I scored two beautiful mugs for cheap!

What I Actually Bought This Weekend:

What I Wish I Bought This Weekend:


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