Little Life Updates

We’re officially over halfway though the semester, and it kinda feels never ending. I try to do my best to have a positive, relaxed attitude when it comes to school, but I am so so over this semester. I want to mentally check out. Soooo instead of doing my homework I’m writing a blog post instead! I figured I’d give all you lovelies a little recap of whats been going on and what’s upcoming for me- keeping it short and sweet. Reminding myself of all the kick-ass things going on outside of school work and keeping me on track for what I need to accomplish for the end of the semester!

The 2014 Warrior Challenge was yesterday, and it was AWESOME! I’m going to write a full recap on the 4.3 mile race later in the week, I’d just like to get my hands on some photos first.

Summer is coming together! I’ve got camp dates and Vietnam dates set, and can start looking at flights home soon. My two best friends and team mates plan on coming to Canada for the first time this summer and I could not be more excited, plus David and I are planning a second Chicago trip to see the Cubbies (Happy Opening Day!) and another Canada trip.

The to-do list I wrote about three weeks ago in regards to blog work and fundraising work does not have a single item scratched out. Reeeeally trying to get it together. ASAP.

Weights has absolutely been whooping my a**. You know how hard it is to try and limp on both legs? I simply can’t be heating and icing enough right now- guaranteed one part of my body has been extremely sore for the last two weeks.

My coach and I have officially made the decision to skip Cdn Summer Senior Nationals this year. They’re over finals week (of course) in Winnipeg, and it makes more sense in the long run to pass and focus on quality training instead. On that note, practice has been going so well! I’ve been playing with new dives, different techniques, and feel completely refocused after Saskatoon.

I promise to get some quality writing in soon (yes I know that was vague). Till next time!


Green Smoothies {And What Else I’m Eating}

Uh, yeah it’s no secret I’m smoothie obsessed. Spring seems like a much better time for smoothies though too right? (I swear it’ll be spring soon) (I hope it’ll be spring soon) (If it doesn’t warm up soon I’m boycotting the real world and going on vacation). This also isn’t the first time I’ve added spinach to my smoothies! These smoothies though? Theses smoothies count as “green” I’d say, with the primary filling being over two handfuls and spinach and mixed greens!

Here’s what went into my smoothie last night- don’t forget I had trained for 5 and a half hours yesterday and this filled me right up and helped me recover!

  • Two handfuls spinach
  • Large banana
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • Skim milk (about 1.5 cups)

And yes, it did somewhat taste like a banana milkshake. This what I put in my green smoothie for the morning!

  • Everything above! Spinach, banana, protien powder, milk
  • Chia seeds
  • Flax seeds
  • Hem,p seeds
  • Shredded coconut (about a tablespoon of each)

I actually pre-made my smoothie last night! But not like I normally do, where I make it little baggies to freeze. I made it RIGHT in the magic bullet cup and threw it in the fridge over night! The only thing I needed to do was add milk when I woke up.

Yes, I did have to shove some stuff down to make room for the banana. The greens blend so well though I never have to worry about clogging up or slowing down my Magic Bullet- in fact even though the smoothie is packed it gets so smooth! I’d add ice if you want a thicker recipe, but you may need to leave more room.

There ya have it, ready to go for this am. I actually kind of love this photo- It’s got the eggs I scored for a $1 at Hy Vee, my spring mix, a smoothie, and the shrimp and sweet potatoes I’ve been using in my menu planning this week! I LOVED what I did before spring break, just buying the massive box and spinach mixed with mixed greens, and challenging myself to finish it by weeks end! Once again, I’ve been making fantastic salads all week. Whats been going on them? Not all at once, I might add

  • Roasted sweet potatoes
  • Baked asparagus
  • Baked shrimp
  • Chopped walnuts and pecans
  • Hemp seeds (a complete plant-based protein!)
  • Chopped apples
  • And two new dressings- a Poppy seed and a Honey White Balsamic (it sounds weird, but it’s delicious)

I’ll branch out from the rabbit food this weekend and aim for some more whole grain carbs Friday and Saturday- this girl has a 4.3 mile obstacle course race on Sunday! (Yeah I thought it was a 5K. It’s not)

Also going on this weekend? The Justin Moore and Randy Houser concert, Senior Appreciation Night, the Hawk Factor student-athlete talent show. Oh yeah, and my Microeconomics exam tonight. And I should probably unpack from spring break. BRING IT.

3 Pinterest Boards to Follow Right Now and Why

Pinterest is my #1 time waster, recipe collector, inspiration finder, and location of my online hoarding addiction. I could spend hours on the site- literally- and getting the app on my phone was the worst thing to happen to productivity since “snacking.” Here’s what I’ve been following and re-pining like crazy recently (click on the title to see the board!):

1. Strength is Beautiful- I stumbled on this board just a few days ago and LOVE what I came across. The board showcases women with MUSCLE. WOMEN. Beautiful, strong women ACTUALLY lifting heavy things. Yes, while some of the pins may be considered “sexy,” it shows the beauty that comes with strength, not bikini-clad women in figure competitions, cited so often as the reason women don’t lift weights because they they don’t want to get bulky. Seriously, it takes YEARS and training and some hardcore supplements for women to get “bulky.” Pick up heavy things and squat them.

2. #MotivationMondayThis board is run by Quest Nutrition, the makers of my faaaavorite new bar, the Quest protein bars (my favorites are cookies and cream and cookie dough…big surprise). Their quotes will not only inspire you to the ends of the earth, but recently they’ve been set on beautiful graphics and gorgeous text. By far my favorite quote board!

3. Yogi In Training Sigh, yes, I am recommending my own board. But it has been getting a lot of love lately! In an effort to establish a regular yoga practice, aka several times a month as opposed to a couple times a semester, I’ve been collecting the best tips and tricks. Visit for various yoga routines for different times of day and moods, tips for hot yoga (my favorite!), and poses to strive for!

Want more? Follow me on Pinterest here

Disclaimer, this is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Calgary Evenings

So, if you live in Calgary or area, and haven’t been to Fergus & Bix (Restaurant), you are SERIOUSLY missing out! With two locations, one in West Springs and one in Marda Loop, it is totally worth your time. I ordered the Sirloin Salad which had, you guessed it, a big ol’ steak on top.It also included spring mixed greens, asparagus, baby kale (there ya go, I ate kale and enjoyed it), cherry tomatoes, portobello mushrooms, walnuts, blue cheese, and honey lime dressing. To. Die. For. Also good with Maple Cream Ale, just saying.

On a completely different note, if you are still in the Calgary area, I’m also recommending Alberta Ballet’s Giselle. I haven’t been to the ballet in yeeeears, and I understand it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. However the performance was beautiful- the dancers had such a sense of character as opposed to other shows I’ve seen (I think the last one must have been Alberta Ballet’s Romeo and Juliet). And holy crap, the shape they were in- we were sitting first balcony and you could see the muscle definition in their legs clear as day. The amount they were dancing on pointe too as well was just unbelievable.

It’s my last day in Calgary tomorrow! Spring break unfortunately does seem to have an end, and I’ll be back on a plane to Minneapolis Sunday morning :(

And no we did not name our puppy after Fergus and Bix. Or we might have, I don’t really know. I never asked.

Back At It {Fitness}

Spring may be my favorite time of year to workout. It’s really the only time of year I get to “work out” per say as opposed to “training.” Training means the pre-season, dual meet season, and championship season that revolves 100% around diving, while working out means I get to do more cardio and cross training in addition to weights, dryland, and diving. I don’t like saying I have an “off-season,” although one could say this is it. I don’t like to think of any certain time as an “off” time, just different times of the year involve different fitness goals! It’s a nice balance- I simply would not be able to focus on diving all 12 months and 52 weeks of the year. I would go insane. And I really really love to cross training- something you guys will be reading about plenty this spring season!

Last week and continuing into this week my body has been overdosed with cardio, and it has felt soooo good! I love to sweat, and it’s such a mental release. I’m not really supposed to run during the diving season, slow twitch endurance muscles fibers and all that not being too valuable in a power/jumping sport, but I’ve always loved running (in a seasonal, recreational way- I’ve never been the running to shout from the roof tops about why running in winter is good for you and I’m a big fan of the treadmill). I’ve even got three great reasons to love running right now

1. New kicks, like my (pink?!) ASICS Gels! I’ve run in ASICS for a couple years now and when I finally bit the bullet and bought new shoes, I was reassured by the salesmen at Sport Chek “stick with what you know you love.”

2. The Warrior Challenge, through the University of Iowa Veteran’s Association! This 4 mile race is held on the University of Iowa’s campus March 30th (in ten days! Eek!) and includes obstacles like low crawls, stair climbs at Kinnick Stadium, a tunnel dash, a cargo climb, and many more and no I don’t know what those all mean. Should be a blast anyways- it’s my first registered race in a lotta years and my first obstacle race!

3. The River Run. Another University of Iowa race, this student-organized race is held April 27th this year, and yes, I am running the 10km. I have run a couple 10km in the past but it’s probably been like six years since my last one? I’m nervous but excited, and having that sort of dead line gives me motivation to hit the streets (or the treadmill!) a lot more frequently over the next month or so!

Other things I want to incorporate while we officially go into spring is more CONSISTENCY in my yoga practice (hot yoga if I can afford it), of course a stricter running schedule, I’d love to review a spin class, and of course get back in the pool and the weight room. There is no off-season folks! Happy Spring Break!

Back At It {Food}

What a whirlwind (I wasn’t kidding when I said March Madness). I got back from Nationals two weeks ago, made it through midterms, and am home for spring break! I know I wasn’t blogging last week but I was still keeping up with my two favorite things- eating and working out! I’ve got two posts for you tonight, the first being a food update and the second being fitness! Here’s what I was fueling my body with during Midterm Week:

Like a lot of college girls out there, 90% of the time I am cooking for one! I love love love my veggies, but struggle with finishing produce on time before it goes bad and soggy. I think something about the nice warm spring days Iowa had got to my head, and I bought a massive container of spring mixed greens! It was huge. I made it my personal mission to finish it by weeks end, and I had to get creative let me tell ya. Also in the photo? Sweet potatoes. I have an obsessive love affair with sweet potatoes (if you follow me on Pinterest, you’ll definitely see signs of sweet potato madness!) I took FIVE of them and roasted them for the whole week to top my salads with.

Just a little olive oil and Greek seasoning does the trick! This means that the majority of my dinners last week looked like this-

Which, side note, was absolutely fantastic. I was making great headway on finishing my weekly greens. On days I felt I needed more protein I added both the greens and the sweet potatoes to an egg burrito!

Those other veggies on top were just from a little microwave steam container on sale for $1 at Hy-Vee; I grabbed quite a few for salad toppings, omelets, side dishes (and burrito fillings!) Outside of salads and fillings I managed to FINISH the greens stuffing them into smoothies every chance I got! I’m almost out of those pre-made smoothie baggies I made (which you can find here), so I’ll be looking for other things to try in my next batch of smoothie preparations! Speaking of smoothies, on a day I didn’t feel like berries I threw together something fast after a workout before studying-

Ice, vanilla protein powder, chia seeds, flax seeds, a banana, and skim milk made a sweet almost nutty-like flavor smoothie! I’ve been adding chia seeds and flax seeds to everything recently, and to be honest you can’t even taste them!

You are probably rolling your eyes at me right now. Oh sure, just another health/food blogger telling me “I won’t even taste it!” First kale, now weird seeds… BUT I PROMISE and to be fair I have never suggested anyone eat kale. I am tempted to try some in future smoothies, but I tried kale chips ones and I think they taste weird. I feel like I’m about to get shunned from the club of people that write about healthy living, but I did! They were weird and kind of just dissolved in your mouth like pop rocks. Or salt.

And my final food photo of the night is dedicated to eating the rainbow! I looove peppers (but not as much as I love sweet potatoes) and picked up this grab-and-go my last night in town before spring break. I wouldn’t normally buy pre-sliced produce as I have never minded much doing the prep work, but I was only in town for another few hours and knew I was going to eat them as soon as I walked in the door to finish off my humus too! It was a perfect procrastinating packing and studying snack- no clean up with a good dose of energy aka no sugar crash! Some people can’t STAND the taste of peppers (*cough cough David cough*) but hey, their loss! Means there are more for me (I just don’t cook with them much anymore).

That’s the eats update for now! I promise to keep things a little more up to date now that my schedule will be returning to (mostly) normal :)