March Madness

This post has nothing to do with basketball, fyi. But March is a completely insane time? Absolutely. Let’s see my “prepping-to-dominate-the-month-of-March-face” completele with post-nap curly hair and an oversize Iowa sweater meant for never ending winters.

To start, a February wrap up-

February was awesome. I love February. Normally it’s also an insane month, but because I’m red-shirting this year the month felt a lot calmer. First there was the boyfriend’s birthday, at this fantastic restaurant in Cedar Falls, IA, called Bourbon Street where they serve great food, including ‘gater bites, salmon with spinach and asiago, and desserts! Then there’s the Senior Meet, Valentines Day, and the Big Ten Championships for both men and women. Following the Women’s Big Ten Championships was crazy motivational; after coming ninth TWICE last year, I’m not only determined to make the top 8 final next year but to place higher than the minimum 8th. I got in some quality training, gave my body a rest from heavy lifting sessions, and tried new recipes. I bought a new camera, fell in love with new movies (About Time anyone??), and worked more on expanding the blog!

So now it’s March

And things are picking up and taking off. I leave TOMORROW for the Canadian Winter Senior National Championships, where I’ll compete in the 3m event Friday and come back to Iowa on Saturday. I’m so thankful that my mom and sister are coming to support, and that my coach from Iowa can come with me to a Canadian meet for the first time (as well as a team mate to help assistant coach one day!)

Oh yeah, and then the next week I’ve got a midterm every single day, so that should be awful depressing stressful torture fun.

AND THEN IT’S SPRING BREAK AND I GET TO GO HOME!! Last semester was the absolute worse, for some reason it turned out that I didn’t go home or see my family for six months. Even as a senior in college, you can get homesick! Christmas break was incredible, and I can’t wait to spend extra time at home this month (especially considering that this summer is turned out to be packed- AWESOME, but packed!)

I’ve got a ton of posts planned for the coming month- a nationals recap, a spring break recap, more travel logs and health advice. March is the six month anniversary of lauren elyse CAN and I’m so excited with how it’s growing! Anything you guys want to see?

Happy Monday and Happy March! Cross your fingers my travel day goes off without a hitch tomorrow!


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