“Results Not Indicative of Performance”

I did promise a nationals update! The 2014 Canadian Winter Senior Nationals were held March 7th-9th in Saskatoon, just this past weekend. To be honest, I’m not quite sure how to summarize it. There were highs and lows, some great dives and let downs. Gdklnblnkjzfs. This is hard. It’s like I’m completely split down the middle of those good days and bad, and one emotion can’t out-weigh the other.

The Good- It was awesome to see some old friends, and have the opportunity to train and compete at the facility where I attended my first Senior Nationals in 2009. My mother and sister got to come which was words-can’t-describe awesome, as well as my NCAA coach and my team-mate/future roomie/3-time US National Champ. I felt confident, prepared, relaxed, with a healthy dose of nerves. I knew I was there to do great work, show off my training. Even the Diving Canada official who Talent ID’d me as a 15 year old told me my diving was “on a whole other level” this year. That compliment made the trip worth it.

The Bad- In practice, our coach will sometimes tell us that dive was a “good miss.” A good miss means that you achieved what you wanted to achieve. even if the dive itself didn’t end pretty. I feel like my entire event can be classified as a “good miss.” I accomplished probably one of the most stable mind-sets I ever have in a competition, and didn’t “hit the panic button” on any of my dives. My tops and starts, taking off the board and getting into the dive, were everything I wanted them to be. In all honesty I couldn’t have asked for better take-offs. Unfortunately that day that equaled dives where I couldn’t find the bottom, resulting in low scores. I accomplished what I meant to, but not all the way through the dive.

I asked my friend to text our coach after the event helping to explain myself as I was mortified at the results and what the scoreboard said. At the end of her text, she wrote “Results were not indicative of performance.”

There’s still some reflection to be done, without a doubt. I don’t need to dwell on it, but want to draw out all the positives. I can’t thank my fam, Hawkeye fam, and support system enough for cheering me on!

This is not the end of the road, but a bump in it. I’ve got more in me. That is not the result I will be remembered by, and that is not the event that defines me. Moving on. There are some great things to come this spring (and with this weather I can ACTUALLY say spring!)

But seriously, you guys are da best.


3 thoughts on ““Results Not Indicative of Performance”

  1. What a fantastic attitude; so proud!
    In terms of ‘results’ you’ve also created a time in your life having an amazing experience living away while earning your degree(s), along with all of the athletic and personal development that comes with that. We should design a medal for that.


  2. What a lovely, upbeat message! I am, and always have been, proud to know and love you. Onwards and upwards in disarray and confusion, I always say!


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