I’m baaaaack!

Sorry the hiatus everyone! Nothing kills the blogging mood quite like a routine of study 24 hours, midterm, study 24 hours, midterm, study 24 hours…. you get it. I’m now posting from HOME in the beautiful city of Calgary, Alberta (but it snowed four inches this morning-wtf? Not cute Calgary). I’ve got an absolute ton to catch up on over spring break- blog posts to write, applications, emails, studying for one last midterm. It’s a relief more than anything to be home, nothing feels like work when it’s at our kitchen island and not my cramped desk I use for homework in my shoebox apartment! A quick recap of the weekend…

Instead of flying out of Cedar Rapids like I normally would, I road tripped to Minneapolis on Saturday in order to only have one flight! It’s the furthest I’ve taken my little car before, which was exciting because it’s got loads of road trips coming up this summer. The drive was quiet and uneventful, although I swear snow appeared again as soon as I crossed over into Minnesota.

It sure as hell ain’t a road trip without snacks- what better than a bottle of water, a banana, and a cookies and cream Quest bar! If you haven’t tried Quest bars, much like me two weeks ago, you’re missing out. They are seriously the most fantastic protein bars I’ve ever tasted, and they’re not packed with sugar or carbs to be delicious! I don’t know what it is. Magic.

And last but not least, I got to see Fergus when I got home! He’s HUGE compared to Christmas! I’m going through a cuteness overdose, and so are all my friends thanks to Snapchat.

He is such a screwball and I love him. It’s been a whirlwind couple days flying in, catching up with family, and even spending a night in the mountains already! I can’t wait to feel caught up again, spring break came at the perfect time :)


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