Back At It {Fitness}

Spring may be my favorite time of year to workout. It’s really the only time of year I get to “work out” per say as opposed to “training.” Training means the pre-season, dual meet season, and championship season that revolves 100% around diving, while working out means I get to do more cardio and cross training in addition to weights, dryland, and diving. I don’t like saying I have an “off-season,” although one could say this is it. I don’t like to think of any certain time as an “off” time, just different times of the year involve different fitness goals! It’s a nice balance- I simply would not be able to focus on diving all 12 months and 52 weeks of the year. I would go insane. And I really really love to cross training- something you guys will be reading about plenty this spring season!

Last week and continuing into this week my body has been overdosed with cardio, and it has felt soooo good! I love to sweat, and it’s such a mental release. I’m not really supposed to run during the diving season, slow twitch endurance muscles fibers and all that not being too valuable in a power/jumping sport, but I’ve always loved running (in a seasonal, recreational way- I’ve never been the running to shout from the roof tops about why running in winter is good for you and I’m a big fan of the treadmill). I’ve even got three great reasons to love running right now

1. New kicks, like my (pink?!) ASICS Gels! I’ve run in ASICS for a couple years now and when I finally bit the bullet and bought new shoes, I was reassured by the salesmen at Sport Chek “stick with what you know you love.”

2. The Warrior Challenge, through the University of Iowa Veteran’s Association! This 4 mile race is held on the University of Iowa’s campus March 30th (in ten days! Eek!) and includes obstacles like low crawls, stair climbs at Kinnick Stadium, a tunnel dash, a cargo climb, and many more and no I don’t know what those all mean. Should be a blast anyways- it’s my first registered race in a lotta years and my first obstacle race!

3. The River Run. Another University of Iowa race, this student-organized race is held April 27th this year, and yes, I am running the 10km. I have run a couple 10km in the past but it’s probably been like six years since my last one? I’m nervous but excited, and having that sort of dead line gives me motivation to hit the streets (or the treadmill!) a lot more frequently over the next month or so!

Other things I want to incorporate while we officially go into spring is more CONSISTENCY in my yoga practice (hot yoga if I can afford it), of course a stricter running schedule, I’d love to review a spin class, and of course get back in the pool and the weight room. There is no off-season folks! Happy Spring Break!


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