3 Pinterest Boards to Follow Right Now and Why

Pinterest is my #1 time waster, recipe collector, inspiration finder, and location of my online hoarding addiction. I could spend hours on the site- literally- and getting the app on my phone was the worst thing to happen to productivity since “snacking.” Here’s what I’ve been following and re-pining like crazy recently (click on the title to see the board!):

1. Strength is Beautiful- I stumbled on this board just a few days ago and LOVE what I came across. The board showcases women with MUSCLE. WOMEN. Beautiful, strong women ACTUALLY lifting heavy things. Yes, while some of the pins may be considered “sexy,” it shows the beauty that comes with strength, not bikini-clad women in figure competitions, cited so often as the reason women don’t lift weights because they they don’t want to get bulky. Seriously, it takes YEARS and training and some hardcore supplements for women to get “bulky.” Pick up heavy things and squat them.

2. #MotivationMondayThis board is run by Quest Nutrition, the makers of my faaaavorite new bar, the Quest protein bars (my favorites are cookies and cream and cookie dough…big surprise). Their quotes will not only inspire you to the ends of the earth, but recently they’ve been set on beautiful graphics and gorgeous text. By far my favorite quote board!

3. Yogi In Training Sigh, yes, I am recommending my own board. But it has been getting a lot of love lately! In an effort to establish a regular yoga practice, aka several times a month as opposed to a couple times a semester, I’ve been collecting the best tips and tricks. Visit for various yoga routines for different times of day and moods, tips for hot yoga (my favorite!), and poses to strive for!

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Disclaimer, this is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


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