Little Life Updates

We’re officially over halfway though the semester, and it kinda feels never ending. I try to do my best to have a positive, relaxed attitude when it comes to school, but I am so so over this semester. I want to mentally check out. Soooo instead of doing my homework I’m writing a blog post instead! I figured I’d give all you lovelies a little recap of whats been going on and what’s upcoming for me- keeping it short and sweet. Reminding myself of all the kick-ass things going on outside of school work and keeping me on track for what I need to accomplish for the end of the semester!

The 2014 Warrior Challenge was yesterday, and it was AWESOME! I’m going to write a full recap on the 4.3 mile race later in the week, I’d just like to get my hands on some photos first.

Summer is coming together! I’ve got camp dates and Vietnam dates set, and can start looking at flights home soon. My two best friends and team mates plan on coming to Canada for the first time this summer and I could not be more excited, plus David and I are planning a second Chicago trip to see the Cubbies (Happy Opening Day!) and another Canada trip.

The to-do list I wrote about three weeks ago in regards to blog work and fundraising work does not have a single item scratched out. Reeeeally trying to get it together. ASAP.

Weights has absolutely been whooping my a**. You know how hard it is to try and limp on both legs? I simply can’t be heating and icing enough right now- guaranteed one part of my body has been extremely sore for the last two weeks.

My coach and I have officially made the decision to skip Cdn Summer Senior Nationals this year. They’re over finals week (of course) in Winnipeg, and it makes more sense in the long run to pass and focus on quality training instead. On that note, practice has been going so well! I’ve been playing with new dives, different techniques, and feel completely refocused after Saskatoon.

I promise to get some quality writing in soon (yes I know that was vague). Till next time!


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