Warrior Challenge

Hello hello! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Yesterday the weather was an absolutely perfect shorts and a t-shirt kinda day, and today it rained constantly. Awesome. You win some you lose some, and I will take any summer-ish day I can get!

So as you know two weeks ago I ran the 2014 UIVA Warrior Challenge! It was a 4.3 mile obstacle course, and I had a total BLAST! The reason it took so long for me to write this post is I was waiting for the race photos to go up…and waiting…and waiting. When the photos were finally posted, I’m not going to lie I was a little disappointed. They had photographers all over the race course but only really posted photos from the Finish Line and the first obstacle for about half the participants. Here’s what I scored with the watermark still on of course- I do not own this photo!

David is currently training for a Tough Mudder and easily could have whooped my butt along with plenty of other people’s butts on the run, but he stayed and ran with me the whole time! What a guy. I only ever really run recreational 3 miles or so at a time, so the thought of running 4.3 miles was a little daunting but not absurd. And thanks to David’s encouraging and perfect weather, I ran the WHOLE thing! I didn’t have to walk or stop at all! I normally take a walking break during my 30 minute treadmill session even, so for me that was a big deal.

The race included obstacles like a stair climb at Kinnick Stadium, running through tires, doing over/unders with hurdles, army crawling, 250m sandbag carrying (yup, even ran that), a hill climb, and my personal favorite was climbing a cargo net over a school bus. The volunteers were fantastic. At every water water and at the hill climb they were cheering, giving high fives, and had awesome signs. One sign we laughed at early on was “Ten bucks you hurl by the end.” Not so funny when the guy behind me actually did after the hill climb…

Also not lying- the last half mile felt ROUGH. Right after the hill climb we just had to run it in, and I was moving at an absolute snails pace! (Have I mentioned how great David is to run with?) Of course in the finish line photo I look happy as heck and don’t look like I’m dying, so I’ll take it! Overall the race wasn’t as hard as I had built it up to be, and the obstacles were just enough to keep us on our toes! Of course, we had to refuel after the run with Iowa City’s Wig and Pen deep dish pizza! (Because hey! We deserved it)

All in all, I would do the race over again 100 times. I had so much fun. It was SUCH a confidence booster too knowing that I can run 4.3 miles without stopping- I’ve been getting outside more with my twice weekly runs and they’ve felt EASIER knowing that I am perfectly capable of that. Even this past weekend with David, we ran 3.5 miles and I knew I wouldn’t have to walk a section! I can’t wait to register for the 2015 Warrior Challenge, and might just have to see if there’s obstacle course races in the fall I can get my hands on :)


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