Life can be weird, and Life can be somber

First off I want to apologize for the lack of writing this week. For the first time with this blog, I actually wrote posts ahead of time and scheduled them to be published throughout the week. On Tuesday, I sent them all to the drafts. I was not in a mood to be published with a  happy, upbeat, positive voice.

Many of my readers are from Canada and many more are from the States. Either way, you may have heard about the tragic events that struck Calgary and the University of Calgary, when early Tuesday morning/late Monday night, five people were stabbed to death at a house party. It was BSD (Bermuda Shorts Day) to celebrate the last of classes at U of C. It’s practically a holiday in the city of Calgary. The BSD5 now represent Calgary’s largest mass murder in history.

The victims were good kids. So was the suspect. Many of my friends were close with the victims, although I didn’t know any personally. The week has been spent connecting with Calgary friends, reaching out to my Iowa friends, and connecting with family. I don’t properly know how to grieve, so I just cried a lot and lost all sense of productivity. I wouldn’t volunteer why I was in a bad mood, but would explain if someone asked. After not sleeping on Tuesday night I spent Wednesday afternoon in bed. The week has moved slow.

The difficulties I have in processing this cannot be compared to those who have lost family or close friends. Calgary I grieve for you. Calgary, I believe in you. The shock is real. The emotions are strong. There is still good in the world, and Calgary is where you’ll find plenty of it.

I promise to get back into a regular posting schedule soon. Happy upcoming Easter weekend to everyone and I hope it’s warming up, wherever you’re reading from :)

For more information on the Calgary tragedy please refer to, they do a good job of immediate updates.

RIP Lawrence Hong, Josh Hunter, Kaitlin Perra, Zachariah Rathwell, and Jordan Segura.


5 thoughts on “Life can be weird, and Life can be somber

  1. So sorry to hear of such a tragedy. Whenever I hear of school shootings or violence, it just baffles me – why must people do such things to one another? When it hits close to home, it’s hard to grieve, especially when you’re not really sure what to do or say. Just take some time to let yourself feel the pain and sadness and all of those negative emotions, but don’t let yourself get too wrapped up in it for long. Remember there’s still good in this world!

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  2. As a Bostonian, just 25 miles removed from where the marathon tragedy struck last year, I know how you’re feeling. I knew none of the victims personally but in a way, we all lost a little brother, a daughter, a limb and a sense of security. When something so shocking and horrific happens so close to home, it truly is heartbreaking and everyone deals with it differently. One way my community has overcome a time that has been heavy with grief and struggle is by honoring the lives of the victims and survivors by celebrating what makes us strong. Get through it however you need to. Remember that in a way, you are a survivor and when you are ready, you can contribute as a face of resolve.
    Hugs. xx

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