Easter Weekend {Photo} Recap

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend! Raise your hand if you ate too much. Despite it being a long weekend back home, with Good Friday and Easter Monday and all that, the weekend was still jam-packed. Despite only being gone for two nights, it felt like a mini-spring break. For the past couple weeks school has been crazy stressful, which is weird because I never really get too stressed out about school. It’s just been busy. And boring. Trust me, it is definitely possible to be busy and boring at the same time. BUT I only have one exam this week and I got it done this morning, so the rest of the semester is smooth sailing besides finals! And with still three weeks of classes left before finals week, I feel okay with where I am at.

Anyways, the weekend kicked off Friday with a road trip to Des Moines, with three of my best friends and team mates! We went to Zombie Burger just outside of downtown, and honestly if you live anywhere within a three hour drive of Des Moines, GO! This place has the greatest burgers of all time. The buns are so perfectly done and soft and sweet and they have all kinds of awesome fixings, milkshakes, and even poutine! Okay it wasn’t the healthiest meal of all time, but Zombie Burger is my favorite and I was absolutely going to enjoy myself.

After that David and company and myself went to the George Strait Cowboy Rides Away Tour! And it was an AWESOME show! Our seats were unreal, right down by the stage through the “Coors Light Lounge.”

It was such an amazing night, knowing it was his last tour and it was a full house and he played non-stop! It was one of the longest concerts I’ve ever been to, and while we didn’t get back until around 2am it was completely worth it. It was great to hear some tunes I knew, and some I didn’t. The diamond shaped stage was a perfect set up- he just kept switching angles and there were these massive screens to check out when he wasn’t facing your way!

Saturday I slept in WAY later than I have in months, and didn’t roll out of bed until 10:30am. David and I headed into Waterloo for his baseball practice while I studied in the grass wearing SHORTS. The wind was a bit cool but it felt great to be wearing shorts again!

I love spending time outside (does anyone not…??) and this time of year is no exception. I just got my Iowa fishing license so this is where I’ve been spending some time on the weekends when I go up and see David!

This area is just outside of Steamboat Rock, Iowa. We’ve been going up there to look for turkeys now that it’s turkey season, but I call it hiking. Hunting isn’t really my thing (hahahaha obvious to anyone who knows me). I enjoy the warm winds, the scenery, the little bit of physical activity, and leave the actual scouting to David.

And yes, I was treating the fallen tree like an balance beam which I haven’t been on in like years. After scouting we laid low that night and went to bed early before Easter church on Sunday! I’m not much of regular at church, aka I’ve been ten times or fewer in my entire life. But, it’s been a nice way to spend time with David’s fam and hometown, and Easter was a perfect opportunity! After Easter dinner we ended up playing soccer in the backyard for goodness knows how long- my feet were proof of the liveliness of the game. Covered in blisters and bruises and dirt…don’t play soccer in ballet flats. Classic I’ve got 5+ photos of me standing on a tree, but none from when we were all done up Sunday!

And finally, because it’s Monday, I can post my #mcm (that’s “man crush Monday” mom and dad) from one of our hikes! So happy I was able to squeeze in quality time with this guy over the weekend- staying active and eating obnoxious amounts of chocolate! Happy Easter Monday everyone!



6 thoughts on “Easter Weekend {Photo} Recap

  1. I’m doing some serious bloglovin’ catch up today! haha I am SO jealous that you got to see George!! My boyfriend and I love him (our ‘song’ is “Carrying Your Love with Me”) and I wanted to go while he was here in Philadelphia but my boyfriend is abroad this semester and I didn’t want to go without him. I can’t even imagine how good he was live!



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