10km Training?

In four days, I will be running my first 10km race in about six years. I figured since I’ve only written a few times about running, I’d create a little something to let you all know how training (“training”) has been going! It’s been unique- to say the least.

So how I have been getting ready for the River Run 10km?

  • Run 4.5 miles 4 weeks before the event. Feel really good about it (Warrior Challenge anyone??)
  • Run two ish times per week after that
  • …for about 3 miles each go round
  • Get REALLY REALLY sick. Get such a good cold you get winded walking to class too fast, and you can’t walk up stairs without hacking up a lung. Live off of tea and drugs.
  • Don’t run for 9 days straight.
  • Get really bad blisters from playing soccer in flats over Easter (like so bad they bleed later. tmi?)
  • Check the weather obsessively. Then check your closet to make sure you have at least five options for race morning (rain? Really Iowa?)
  • Three days before your race (aka, tomorrow morning), plan on running five miles.
  • Eat boatloads of pasta. You can call it carb-loading
  • Take Saturday as your rest day. Because the previous non-running days you had the plague- that doesn’t count as rest.
  • Plan on max-testing your weights the week before. Nothing like a little mental challenge running on dead legs.
  • Just to add a little anxiety, wait on max-testing your squat till the Monday after your race. I am attempting 200lbs, stay tuned.

Cross your fingers and pray for nice weather! Any last minute race advice would be much appreciated. I’ll be stocking my house with coffee and bananas for the weekend, but that’s actually nothing new.

Note, I do actually feel fine about it, but it’s definitely unorthodox training! I’d recommend following a real, concrete, training plan!


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