That 5 Miler

So in my 10K “Training” post I was DETERMINED to run five miles the next day in order to “prepare” for my 10k this weekend. 6am rolled around and I got out of bed right away, but surprise surprise I moved way too slow getting my stuff together. It turned into “well if I leave right now I could do 3 miles” “If I leave right now I could skip class and make 5 miles” “If I leave right now I can sprint a mile and that’s basically the same thing right?” Gah! I agonize. That determination remained though so after a couple classes and two practices, I skipped the 4pm hot tub social and hopped on the treadmill! Wet bun from the pool and all! (No swimsuit though, I did manage five minutes to put on a sports bra) I even wrestling another team mate to come with me and I scored a treadmill next to an elliptical for her. Score. Low and behold, 50 minutes later…

Time, distance, calories, pace. I wanted so badly to hit 5 miles in under 50 minutes, as my average pace including a two min walking warm up was always just above a ten minute mile. To get FIVE miles under a 10 minute pace was a huge accomplishment for me! This was just what I needed for the weekend. It was such a confidence boost to set a running goal and achieve it with the 10K on the horizon. I walked at 3.5 to warm up, and then started running at 6.2. I gradually increased my speed throughout the whole run till I finished the last three minutes on 6.8! To get through the whole workout with no walking breaks and negative splits felt awesome!

Despite the sense of accomplishment, the run was still a toughie. It was a struggle to start out. I’ve never been one for running mantras or mantras at all, but I just had to keep repeated to myself “your legs are not tired.” Even though they were, in fact, slightly fatigued. Could have been the four hours of diving that day, or the four hours of diving the day before combined with dead-lifting reps at 160lbs. Maybe had an impact.

The run also taught me the power of music. It was around the 28 minute mark when the “I’m bored” and “just walk for a minute” thoughts popped in, but thanks to my Songza app Britney Spears jumped in with a perfectly timed “Work B*tch” to get me through the slump.

The last 2 things I learned in those 51 minutes is that it IS possible to run with my practice schedule. It’s not a morning or bust kinda thing, but a find time kinda running routine. I’m always reluctant to run after two diving practices, but you know what? I can. Also, those hard-core runners are right. The first few miles are the hardest. It’s always a theory I’ve rejected due the fact that I only ever run a couple miles at a time, but the rumors are true! There is a threshold, and your body will settle into the run!

Wish me luck tomorrow folks! David and I are bib numbers #149 and #150. No pic of the bids though, I know the River Run is no Boston Marathon but I’m not risking anyone stealing the photo!


2 thoughts on “That 5 Miler

  1. It’s funny how much music can change the mood! I can’t go to the gym without it, and I always have to play “Stronger” by Kanye during the last five minutes to get me through.

    Also, I wanted to tell you that if you use more than 15 tags on a post, you’re less likely to come up in Google searches because Google gets sassy and thinks it’s spam! Just thought I’d share the tip. :)

    Great post!



  2. Good mantra! I never think to do that and need to incorporate it into my mental game more. I only focus on the “oh, man, I can’t believe how dead my legs feel!” instead of trying to change my mind. Good luck on the race!


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