Back Squat Max Squat

Sometimes you accomplish more before 7am than you will for the rest of the week. Sometimes on a crappy, rainy, Monday morning, you reach big goals.

Today was max testing day on back squats! Yes, yesterday was my 10km. I’ll have the recap for you on Wednesday! (Don’t worry- it went really well!) I can be such an nut job when it comes to lifting. I love how lifting makes me feel, what I can achieve mentally and physically, and the confidence boost first thing in the morning. And back squats are my favorite. So last week when we entered a new training cycle, and we saw testing was today, I could think of one milestone and one milestone only- squatting 200lbs.

I am not talking about leg press, I am talking about plates-on-a-barbell squats. The plan was to start at 80% of our max (my current max was 180lbs) and continually go up by 5%  for one rep until our strength coach told us to stop, due to bad form or too slow. Once we hit 100% it went to 103%, and then it was completely up to his discretion after that. For you math geniuses out there, yes, 200lbs was closer to 114%. No matter. I planned on smiling sweetly and asking nicely.

I hit 185lbs with (relative) ease and was told to jump directly to 195. At this point, I don’t believe in lactic acid- I believe my legs are full of concrete. I complete 195lbs and get permission to attempt 200lbs- YAAAY! We’ve been doing back squats now for half an hour, only a couple swimmers and divers are left still max testing, and the mens team is patiently waiting to get into the weight room. With our strength coach on one side and our strength intern on the other, I took the bar out to the hooting and hollering of my team mates and complete one, slow, painful rep. Successfully.

It took me seven sets of one rep to get there. I didn’t attempt beyond 200lbs. I got all the way down to parallel before I started to come back up (or my strength coach wouldn’t have counted it!) I had full confidence in the two guys spotting me in case I got into trouble. Halfway up I felt like I almost got stuck, and had to recruit EVERY muscle in my lower body and core to finish the rep.

It seems almost silly that one rep on a back squat completely made my week- but I am so so proud for reaching that milestone! For those that are wondering, yes I am sore as all heck from the run and the squats. I may or may not be able to function for the next 48 hours or walk at fast speeds, but was it worth it? Absolutely.

Hope your week kicks off strong too! (Hahahahahaha that was such a terrible pun. I couldn’t help myself.)

Any big or little goals you want to accomplish this week?


One thought on “Back Squat Max Squat

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