Playing Hooky

Happy Weekend everyone! It’s my last weekend at home now till AFTER moving, four weeks of sport camps in the US and 3 weeks of sport camps in Vietnam. I’ve been busy catching up with friends and family, and planning ahead to make sure I don’t abandon the blog while I’m on the road!

Earlier this week, instead of taking our puppy to doggy day care, I kidnapped him (and my sister, who booked the day off work!) and we took off for a walk! That’s one of the glorious things about Calgary- between Nose Hill Park, Fish Creek, and North and South Glenmore Park you’re never too far from expansive green spaces. And with the weather finally clearing up, we optimistically donned shorts and running shoes and got lost in Nose Hill for an hour and a half.

I’m converting my sister to be a fellow Fit Approach Sweat Pink Ambassador- we swapped shoelaces!

We tried to take a pre-walk selfie, but Fergus was not having it. What do you guys think- do we look alike?? Some people think we’re so different and other times we get mistaken for twins! Me and sister, not me and dog fyi.

The day was gorgeous! After our mum made fun of us for playing hooky in the middle of the week, we ditched the car and got lost. Seriously, Nose Hill has SO many paths and trails and little valleys you could spend a whole day there. I envy the people that live right across of the street and can use those trails as their every day running route! I wonder how clear the paths are in winter?

Chels was not impressed with my instruction: “Walk natural!” “How else would I walk??”

Fergus wasn’t quite sure what to make of this little guy. That’s the issue with having a 35lb 8 month old puppy- in his mind he’s still that size! He looooves playing with little dogs!

As I write this post, Fergus is playing fetch, with himself. With a ball that he can’t even grab cause it’s too big, so he’s really playing soccer. Kick, get all excited, chase, pounce. I sure am going to miss this guy this summer! Every time I see him he looks huge, but hopefully at 8 months he’ll start to slow down a little. (Now he’s got a hanger. He loves hangers)

When was the last time you played hooky? I’ll miss you Calgary as always!


So, What About Diving?

I started this blog in the hopes that my friends and family back home could read about what my life was like down in the States- as a NCAA Division 1, student-athlete. That mission holds true today but now a lot more people read this blog than I thought! I love writing about the healthy recipes I’ve tried, the travel we must go through, weekend getaways, and accomplishing goals.

So, why haven’t I ACTUALLY been writing about diving? It’s the funniest thing, for a student athlete blogger I write way more about life than I do about my own sport! In fact if someone was to come across my blog now, they would probably think I’m some type of runner (hahahahahahaha. No.)

A little background- during the 2013/2014 season I actually took what’s called a “red-shirt” year, which basically means I take a year off from competing for my college team. I was/am still training with them, was there for home meets, had all the same workouts, I just didn’t travel to the away meets and conference and such! Every NCAA athlete has four years of eligibility to compete with five years to use it, so now I’ve used 3 years of my NCAA eligibility and my red shirt year, and will be competing my fifth year at Iowa! Clearly having less diving competitions would give me less of a reason to write about it- I simply have less competitions to recap. In fact, this year I competed only one time at the 2014 Canadian Winter Senior National Championships.

I took my red shirt year because I know I’m not done yet. I wasn’t ready to dive for one more year, walk across the stage, get my degrees and get on my life. No way. I knew if I was going to keep diving I might as well represent Iowa my fifth year rather than forth, as I’ll have a whole other year of training under my belt. I want to represent Iowa the best I can at the B1G Championships, NCAA Zones, and maybe even the NCAA Championships. I took the year to train my butt off, learn new dives, support the team. I figured out my last year of school class-wise, and am soooo so ready to return to competition in the fall.

So yes, this is a student-athlete blog. And this student-athlete cannot WAIT for the 2014/2015 season! The season right now looks like, well nothing. It’s the season of cross-training and relaxing and getting your batteries recharged as my coach would say. The time to focus and buckle down is not this time, just staying on my toes :) If the blog makes it look like I’m on a permanent vacation I am I assure you it’s simply the time of year! This is when I can let my body de-stress, try new things, travel, and visit with my family and friends.

The diving is there. The diving has been there, is with me now, and will be there with a vengeance this fall! Thanks for reading all the content I put out there that doesn’t even have to do with diving :)

Future- Foam Fest 5K! (and Discount!)

That’s a lot of F words (hahaha that was a terrible joke and I apologize). BUT ANYWAYS I signed up for another race last night! It’s like a mud run, but a little cleaner…it’s a foam run! There’s still some mud September 20th, 2014, Des Moines, Iowa! Foam Fest 5K!

5K Foam Fest Logo

Check out their site for more information! Click here! For this race you get a t-shirt, a medal, a Mike’s Hard, 16+ obstacles, and a free photo. Anything goes on these obstacles, including running across “Lily Pads,” a muddy slip and slide, climbing cargo nets, mud pits, foam tunnels, and something called a “Mike’s Hard e-LEMON-ator.” I have no idea what that means, but I am definitely looking forward to finding out.

September 20th might as well be the perfect date too, just a few weeks into school so I can get back into a running routine but still far enough out from the season (and the Tough Mudder I am still toying with) that it’ll be the perfect little Des Moines day trip. A whole race report will be going up here, of course!

Want in? Use the discount code FF3588 for $5 off the registration fee! Email me if you’re signing up and I’ll let you know what heat I’m running!

10 Reasons to Visit Alberta

Between this summer and last summer, I’ve had the opportunity to showcase my favorite province to three of my favorite people. The Calgary Stampede, Rocky Mountains, Banff and Jasper National Parks, the Calgary Zoo, my backyard. There is no way to summarize how much I love where I grew up, and how fortunate I felt to able to share that with my favorite guy and two of my best friends. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll let these photos do the talking and let you fall in love with Alberta too!


I am SO sorry for not posting in over a week! The last two weeks have been complete insane. Last week every second I wasn’t studying for finals I was packing to move as soon as I get back to Iowa, and on Friday May 16th my two best friends came with me to CALGARY! The week could not have been a better time, if you’re friends with me on Facebook (private so only if ya know me, sooorry) or follow me on Instagram you’ll be flooded with pictures over the next couple days. I’ll get some up here I am sure!

And, obviously, the blog has gotten a facelift! I’m in love with the new design and can’t thank Mo Ollivander enough for her help and her patience while I worked through the process! I’ve got to get some Widgets in order and make a decision on how I want to organize pages and such, but it’s always a work in progress and the #1 goal is still very present- writing.

Any who, I know this is an incredibly short post but I wanted to send out a quick note saying I AM still around and will be posting again over the weekend and next week! I’m still at home for the ten days and cannot wait to get back into some form of a routine before the awesome hectic summer I’m about to go through- details coming soon :)

DIY Acai Bowl

Acai Bowl: “the prettiest, most colorful breakfast option around. In short, breakfast porn…acai bowls are parfaits on chilled, tropical steroids” (The Art of the Acai Bowl)

That quote wasn’t enough to intrigue you on this Brazilian breakfast? What about this one:

“It’s a freaking fruit smoothie, filled with some organic soy and the most powerful super fruit in all the land: acai. Now, acai on it’s own is good. But when you top it with the perfect amount of crunchy organic almond flax granola AND strawberries AND blueberries AND banana? You might as well kill me now because I would die with a purple acai-stained smile on my face.” (Fit-Personality, Acai Bowls- A Love Letter)

How about some visual evidence? Click on the photo for the recipe

Convinced yet? Me too. It’s at the top of my list of new recipes to try as soon as I move into the new apartment! Check out this DIY Acai Bowl from Living Like Larz!

Is a smoothie in a bowl ice cream? Can you count this as ice cream for breakfast? If so, this is the healthiest freaking breakfast ice creams I’ve ever seen. Healthy breakfast ice cream sounds like a triple oxymoron, lets scratch that whole idea.  I’d love to hear if anybody has tried an acai bowl before!

In other news:

  • I’ve finished two out of my four finals (not including a final essay)
  • Two of my best friends are coming HOME with me on Friday!
  • I got my Vietnam assignment for the summer- I’ve be teaching English and coaching soccer!!
  • The blog is getting a new design! Can’t wait!

Alright, blogging break for me is over. Back to studying k byeeee.