A Massive Thank You

Thank you and holy crap are the only things I can say after the past 72 hours. “The College Advice I Wish I Learned Four Years Ago” took on a life of it’s own after being posted 8am Sunday, and I can’t believe how it spread.

In the past 72 hours, that post received 1,231 views, as compared to my second most viewed post “How I Messed Up The Freshman 15,” coming in at 662 over the span of two months. My previous best ever day before Sunday was 289; by the time I went to bed that night lauren elyse CAN has been visited 829 times. Even the next day I surpassed my previous best, coming in at 464 with “The College Advice” being viewed over 300 times. The blog views for May have already surpassed my blog views from all of April.

I get that it’s not all about the numbers, but excited and shocked is still an understatement. For a blog that still has less than 5,000 total views, having one single post out of 98 (I’ve almost hit 100 posts!) reach over 1200 is mind blowing. Reaching over 800 views in one day is surreal.

Outside of the stats- The response has been overwhelming. The tweets, messages, and comments have nearly brought me to tears! Being told someone loves what you wrote, or that they take inspiration from it, could not a better feeling in the entire world. I am so grateful, and shell-shocked, and inspired by YOU GUYS. For those who took the time to read, comment, share, or visit lauren elyse CAN, THANK YOU.

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