3 Things! (And 2 of Them are Pink!)

#1. News first! Drum roll…  I’ve been selected as one of the new Fit Approach– Sweat Pink Ambassadors! This blog has been full of good news lately and I’m excited to share more. To be a Sweat Pink Ambassador to me means I get that lifting heavy weights can be “girly,” being covered in sweat is a good thing, and challenging yourself is the ultimate goal. I love being a part of these social communities; chatting with other like-minded individuals and following their progression towards their goals can be completely inspiring! Whether they’re marathoners or yogi’s or trying to get in shape, there’s a whole community of ambassadors to love (it’s okay- they’ll love you back!) (and yes, the shoes on their home page are exactly like my Asics. It’s meant to be).


#2. To celebrate!! I made a smoothie. Classic. The number of times I’ve written about smoothies on this blog is comparable only to how many times I’ve written about oatmeal. But this time I made a Shakeology smoothie! And it was pink! Jackie over at See Jackie Run hooked up a couple Instagram followers with a sample Shake, and I opted to try out Strawberry! A Shakeology smoothie is more of a meal-replacement shake, and I turned mine into a breakfast milkshake- blending it with a banana, ice, and almond/coconut milk! It was the perfect post-weights treats this morning (buuuuut I didn’t get to snap a pic of the finished product, as they were cleaning the locker rooms when I was done with my workout so I just grabbed it from my bag and enjoyed it sitting the sauna).

#3. This is my 100th (!!!!!!!!) post on lauren elyse CAN.That doesn’t even seem POSSIBLE! How have I possibly written/posted all that? And people are reading it?! Whaaaat?

As a result from reaching my 100 post milestone, I’ll now be publicizing my blog on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram. While I’ve been pinning things from this site all along, for some reason I’ve never had the courage to bring it up other than that. While, the cat is out of the bag. Enough people are finding it now that I might as well get a head start! Everyone who has stumbled upon my little corner of the internet has given me nothing but positive remarks, and encouraged me to share. I’m not sure why I’ve been reluctant to take the leap, but that’s going to change! I have 100 reasons to proud of this side project, and I can’t wait to see how it grows and where it goes from here!

What do you guys want to see in the NEXT 100 posts? Comment below or shoot me an email!


2 thoughts on “3 Things! (And 2 of Them are Pink!)

  1. Get it girl! :) Awesome choice to publicize your blog. I link all of my posts to my Twitter and Facebook, and while I do feel a little awkward about it, I think the pressure of knowing people I know in person actually read what I write forces me to put more thought into posts and has me only posting what I’m genuinely proud of writing. It’s also a huge confidence boost when friends and family (and random acquaintances!) like/retweet your posts! :D


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