How Student-Athletes Study for Finals

…we don’t want to. End of blog post. No one wants to study. It’s a necessary evil of being in college, and being a student-athlete. Combining this finals week with the fact that I am packing to move makes this week extra stressful for me! I’ve written about finals here, and check out where my school studies in this Buzzfeed article.

I’ve been around the finals block eight times now (what) and while I could write more tips and tricks and advice, here’s what I’ve picked up over the years- what athletes try to do when it comes to studying!


1. We balance precariously- Yes I’m talking time, but I’m also talking about literal balance. We’ve got ice bags and water bottles and calculators and at any moment we could lose em all! The time balance is crucial, between the studying you have to get in and the practices you’d like to get in. Also, I didn’t move for 25 minutes today reviewing notes because I had a bag of frozen peas on my shoulder. Don’t see that in the library very often.

The struggle

2. While eating- Honest to goodness I don’t think I could study without eating. That’s normal right? It’s brain fuel.

3. While moving- Studying while riding the stationary bike or walking on the treadmill was on the best pieces of studying advice I took to heart! I don’t know the science behind it, if there even is any, but you can get unreal amounts of learning done during this time! Tip: set the treadmill on a high incline so your neck isn’t angled down too far.

4. Looking like we always do- Me during the school year? Sweat pants, an old competition t-shirt, running shoes, no make up, messy bun. Finals week? Sweat pants, an old competition t-shirt, running shoes, no make up, messy bun.

5. Giving ourselves breaks- More often than not you’ll find us squeezing in a workout or a practice here and there. We don’t exactly like days off. Giving out of the house and out of the library gives our brains a REST, and a chance to come back to the books feeling fresh!

6. Not pulling all-nighters– I love sleep. I love to sleep, I hate how I feel without it, I value it’s importance, and 100% of the time I will choose sleep over studying if I still have an early morning the next day.

Happy finals week all if you’re still going (or just starting) like me. Excuse the shorter post, I should be studying :) If you’re already done, I hate you enjoy your summer break!! Tomorrow I’ve got a guest post for you involving a smoothie…in a bowl. Stay tuned!




2 thoughts on “How Student-Athletes Study for Finals

    • For sure fruits and veggies! It’s like I have to have something to do with my hands…like grapes or celery with hummus! It sounds so cliched haha, but they definitely help me avoid the sugar crash that comes with study snacks like a big starbucks muffin :) What are your favorites??


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