Where Is My…?

Sometimes it’s the little things in life you miss when you didn’t even know they mattered. Like hitting “Publish” instead of “Schedule” like I am about to do on this post. I’ve been scheduling things in advance, making series and guest posts shine so I don’t drop the ball on blogging this summer. Plot Twist: I miss writing! So here I am, with 22 minutes to spare until my next meeting at dive camp- writing.

The summer has been flying by, I’m already done with two weeks of dive camps with only two weeks to go! And then three weeks of camps in Vietnam…did I ever really tell you guys what’s been going on? Probably not. Basically I was in Indiana for a week, Iowa for a week, now I’m beginning another two weeks in Indiana before heading back to Iowa July 11th (MY BIRTHDAY!). After spending a couple days away in Chicago with the boy, I’ll be off to Coach for College in Vietnam July 16th until August 11th!!

I joke that this has become the summer of me living out of my car. Before the first in Indiana I moved apartments, so I’ve hardly settled in and have spent a total of 30 hours driving between the various dive camps. I may ACTUALLY be living out of my car. I have no idea where anything is in kitchen but can get between Iowa City and Bloomington without a GPS and hitting the cheapest gas stations. I have zero idea where in my room I packed the cables for my printer but I have the weather for five different cities on my phone. The things that have come out of my mouth the past couple weeks include…

“Where is my ____?”

“I can’t find my ____”

“I left that in Indiana”

“Is it raining where you are?”

“See you in seven hours”

“I’ll be back in _____ days!”

“No I don’t play soccer” <– in reference to the fact that I’m coaching it in Vietnam

Alright my 22 minutes is up. Aka everyone is here and we’ve started the meeting and I’m still typing. BUT I JUST WANTED TO SAY HEY AND I MISS YOU GUYS THANKS FOR STICKING WITH ME!



{Weekly Words} You Will Never Know

Uh, because who doesn’t love love inspirational quotes and diving boards. Duh.

This one is corny, but who cares. Inspirational quotes can be corny. I like love corny. And this could not be more applicable for my sport- you never know what’s going to happen. On a dive, on a recruiting trip, at a meet.

If you never even try to make a State Championship, you won’t. If you don’t try to make a National team, you won’t. If you never even attempt platform diving, you won’t be good at it.

Sometimes you smack in diving. You get bruises and black eyes, and sometimes you get shin splits and burnt cookies and all kinds of crap of that comes with trying new things. Something you’ll try time and time again, others you won’t. Some may be worth it, like that dive, and some maybe not.

It sounds like such a simply concept, but think of the last time you tried something new for the first time. You may NEVER know that you love Cross Fit or Zumba or kale until you give at least ONE shot.

What’s something you’ll take a chance on today? What about this week? Or even this year.

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The Curse of Gluten {Interview}

We’ve got Colie on the blog today! This girl writes a great blog over at The Curse of Gluten (while working full-time in Chicago), but my favorite thing about her is that she’s a fellow HAWKEYE! Go Hawks! Thanks for agreeing to answer some questions for the lauren elyse CAN readers out there! Be sure to check out her blog for some amaaaazing gluten-free ideas!

Is there anything you miss being gluten and dairy free?

The first thing that comes to my mind is that I miss being carefree about eating! When places offer gluten free items, I have to be careful of cross contamination. For example; a pizzeria may offer a gluten free pizza, but if it’s prepped and cooked in the same area as the glutened pizzas then my pizza is no longer gluten free. I also miss not having to ‘hunt’ for my foods. When I get a craving for mac ’n cheese I have to make sure I have all the ingredients to make myself it. Or I have to run to a few different stores to get all my ingredients. Meal planning and prepping is a must in my life.

What’s something you wish everyone knew about Celiac’s disease?

It’s not in our mind, we’re not making this up. It really, really sucks. Also – it’s not an allergy, it’s an auto-immune disease.

What’s your favorite gluten-free dish?

Oh that’s so hard to choose! I’m a sucker for sweet treats so I think anything cupcake, cake, or anything related is my favorite. My mom rocks and loves to spoil me on holidays with a homemade version or Portillo’s Chocolate Cake but gluten free and dairy free.

And you’re a fellow Hawkeye! What do you miss most about the University of Iowa and Iowa City?

I miss everything about Iowa City and the university! I miss being able to see my friends all the time, I miss the tight community of the college and I miss the pride of Iowa. Whenever I see a Hawkeye roaming around in the suburbs of Chicago I always shout “Hey, go Hawks!” Also, weird, but I really miss Iowa City’s farmers market. There is nothing comparable in the ‘burbs!

If you weren’t in Chicago, where would you be?

Hmm, somewhere out West I think! Arizona, maybe. I just love the sun, warmer weathers and no snowstorms!

Meal Prep with Anna Lavonne! {Guest Post}

My name is Anna Lavonne Richardson! My health and fitness journey truly started in 2012 when I made the decision to compete in a fitness competition. Since August of 2013 I have competed three times, twice placing top 10 in my division. I have taken time to become more than just a fitness competitor, though. I believe health and wellness are so much deeper than strength and physical appearance. I strive to learn the best practices to create a healthy balance through great nutrition, physical exercise, and mental strength. I love being a fit wife and an inspiration to other women. I work hard to grow and develop personally through self teaching, trusting in great mentors, and sharing/teaching through my blog. Confidence, health, and happiness start from the inside out! My goal is to teach everyone how to reach their maximum potential through health and wellness. I want to motivate other women to push past what is considered the “average” and to think beyond genetics.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/annalavonne
Instagram: http://instagram.com/anna_lavonne
Blog: http://glamlegacyfit.blogspot.com/

Today I am sharing with you all steps to make food prep a breeze. In order to stay on track during the week, I make every effort on Sunday to get everything prepped and ready to go. I cook my vegetables, grill or bake my protein (chicken, steak, turkey), and I cook any starches I will need during the week. I learned a while ago that taking a few hours on a Sunday was the ticket to staying on track during the week. Let me share with you a few of my tips that will make any food prep day go smoothly.

First, I make sure my kitchen is completely clean before I start. I used to think this step was backwards. Why clean first then make it a mess only to clean it again, right?! Wrong! A clean slate makes me feel less overwhelmed. I also keep one side of the sink filled with warm, soapy water for dirty dishes. The other side I feel with clean, cold water for washing my fruits and veggies. I use a non-toxic, natural cleaner to clean my counter tops before I begin. I make my own household cleaner using grapefruit peels, you can find the instructions here.

Second, I pull all of my veggies and fruits out of the fridge. If I am doing meal prep on the same day that I went grocery shopping, I keep them out. I keep everything out and ready to prep. For the longest time I would grab from the fridge during meal prep and I was leaving things behind thinking “I will do it later”. Specifically I would leave out prepping my green beans. I tell myself I am not done until everything is prepped and in the fridge. I keep an empty grocery bag on the counter where I am chopping foods. This is where I will discard all of the ends and trimmings I don’t want to keep. I keep this back on the counter so I don’t have to chance dropping anything on the floor when I go to throw it in the trash bin.

I get everything I will need out and ready to begin.
When I chop my veggies that need to be steamed or cooked, I immediately put them in the pan or dish I will be cooking them in. Once everything is chopped and in the pan, I put it on the stove right away. I allow my veggies to steam while I work on the lettuce or kale. I do this next because they don’t need a pan. I store them in a Ziploc with a paper towel. When my carrots are done and off the stove I start working on the next veggie that needs cooking. Again, I put them straight in to the pan that I will cook them in.

Consider steaming all of your vegetables and storing them in separate containers. You can even chop your carrots in to sticks and store them in a Tupperware with water. This will keep them from drying out, but you will still have a quick snack to grab when you are looking for fuel. Do you like eggs?! Hard boil your eggs while you are chopping and prepping your other food. You can have the eggs cooking in boiling water on the stove behind you. Peel them on the same day, after they have been cooked and store them in a Tupperware or Ziploc. This will save you time during the week.

I make sure I wash everything on Sundays that doesn’t need cooking (apples, cucumbers, bell peppers, etc.) or that I will cook during the week some time. I give everything a bath in cool water and dry it completely. This way when I am in a hurry to run out of the house or I need a quick snack, everything is ready to go. It saves so much time when everything is prepped and ready to eat.

Thanks Anna for the insightful post! Your tips look amazing- and you’ve got me craving fruit! Yum!

{Weekly Words} It Mattered

Sometimes you feel a lump in your throat. You heart races. You feel your eyes well up or your skin flush or whatever else your body has done to convince you something is going on. Something is not right. Your world is now different and that world is more painful.

Something I struggled with as an underclassmen in college was letting my emotions out- but only on the negative side. I could freely express happiness, energy, being social and outgoing. But when things hurt and when they sucked I wasn’t confident enough to admit something was off.

Those things that made me feel uncomfortable and weak and sad were not things to brush one and forget about- they mattered. They were important! They were learning experiences, and eye-openers. It’s okay that they hurt. And it was okay to admit that they hurt because I lost something I cared about it, or failed at something I wanted.

It hurt because it mattered. They hurt not because I was weak. I was strong enough, smart enough, and mature enough, and I should have admitted what hurt and why. Not to become the person that’s always complaining in the corner of the house party, but to recognize in myself what my priorities were and allowing myself to feel.

Sound familiar? See this post

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A City Girl’s Guide To Life {Guest Post}

Big thanks to Vanessa, a fellow WordPress blogger, for taking over my blog today!

Hello lovely readers of Lauren Elyse Can!
My name is Vanessa and I blog over at A City Girl’s Guide To Life about my city adventures and life as a twenty-something young professional. Recently I’ve developed a fresh, new relationship with my personal fitness and like many things, it was inspired by my love for fashion and feeling great.
Keep reading to hear about 6 products I suggest wearing when running, dancing, and being a busy body as a city girl!

Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin gets her stretch on. (Via Tan & Tone)


“Leave everyone else in your dust as you power ahead in this 2XU tight.” (Buy it here.)
I was blown away when I read about the power of compression pants. They boost circulation, speed recovery and provide muscle support. Pick up a pair of these guys from 2XU and you’ll soon be apologizing to your regular workout legwear for neglecting them. And rightfully so.


The Moving Comfort Juno Bra in Pixie Splash. I’ve heard it’s magical! (Buy it here.)
One thing I always fail to remember to pack in my gym bag is a reliable sports bra. Workouts are just not the same without good support and your style doesn’t have to suffer just because you need to feel more secure. For those with more on top, I hear that the Moving Comfort Juno Bra is the way to go while the CW-X VersatX Bra is great for high impact fitness.

Crop Tops

Once that six-pack starts to show, you betta work! (Buy it here.)
This month I’m challenging myself to try a 30-day ab challenge that all make me worthy of a top like this one from So Low. So if that isn’t good motivation for shopping then I don’t know what is…


Reward yourself for sticking with those New Year’s resolution and get covered in this fabulous spring shade. (Buy it here.)
Admittedly, I’m not good at getting myself moving when the weather is less than ideal but this jacket makes me think twice about being a serial snoozer. Columbia really outdid themselves with this color that is perfect for spring which is, coincidentally, my favorite season for re-stocking on chic sportswear.


“With a sleeker profile, trimmed down weight and increased breathability, how can you resist slipping into the ASICS GEL-Nimbus 14 for a test ride? “
I’ve heard so many good things about Asics running shoes that when I finally get to be a serious runner, I know where I’ll invest first. The Nimbus 14’s are cool, not only because they feel like the footwear equivalent to everyone’s favorite boy wizard’s wand, but because they have “infamously plush, yet stable ride”. I’m sold.


“Three reasons to love this tank: Body-mapped ventilation, engineered jacquard mesh, and a lovely mango shade.” (Buy it here.)
Whether running out to do errands on the weekend, running with my running club or racing to make a DanceFIT BalletFIT class, tanks are the way to go. This brightly colored number from The North Face says, “I take my fitness seriously (most days)” even if you’re just running out for a Frappuccino.


“Aligning your chakras can be an endeavor when struggling to fit on your yoga mat.” Consider that problem solved. (Buy it here.)
Sometimes hitting the gym or studio just isn’t an option and having a slip-resistant surface can be hard to find. In cases such as these, I can almost guarantee that your life would be better if you had a yoga mat like this one from Manduka at the ready.

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xo, Vanessa

(Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers.)