Let Me Fill You In…

I have been MIA recently, and with decent reason! My schedule last week looked something like this: Monday 3am wake-up, flew back to Iowa, moved apartments from 2pm-10pm. Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday up at 6am, bike to practice, train for 4 hours, bike back. Wednesday and Friday we lifted weights from 2-3:30pm, Thursday we went to the res for a beach day (hello sunburn) and Friday I came to see the boy for the first time in three weeks!

This week looks even different, training five hours a day split into three different workouts, and next week looks even different because I’m off to INDIANA on Thursday!

My summer is practically planned out down to the minute, and while I wish I had a little more flexibility in how it turned out it’s going to be amazing. I’m looking forward to everything I imagine it will be and everything that I never would have thought it. I’m basically packing for the entire summer over the next 72 hours, and will be swinging through for a couple hours now and then to swap out suitcases. I’ll be staying in six different locations, working seven weeks of sport camps, training my ass off when I get the chance, and experiencing the summer of a lifetime.

Thanks for being patient with me! I promise photos and food and life happenings will still be around :)


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