{Weekly Words} You Will Never Know

Uh, because who doesn’t love love inspirational quotes and diving boards. Duh.

This one is corny, but who cares. Inspirational quotes can be corny. I like love corny. And this could not be more applicable for my sport- you never know what’s going to happen. On a dive, on a recruiting trip, at a meet.

If you never even try to make a State Championship, you won’t. If you don’t try to make a National team, you won’t. If you never even attempt platform diving, you won’t be good at it.

Sometimes you smack in diving. You get bruises and black eyes, and sometimes you get shin splits and burnt cookies and all kinds of crap of that comes with trying new things. Something you’ll try time and time again, others you won’t. Some may be worth it, like that dive, and some maybe not.

It sounds like such a simply concept, but think of the last time you tried something new for the first time. You may NEVER know that you love Cross Fit or Zumba or kale until you give at least ONE shot.

What’s something you’ll take a chance on today? What about this week? Or even this year.

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