Where Is My…?

Sometimes it’s the little things in life you miss when you didn’t even know they mattered. Like hitting “Publish” instead of “Schedule” like I am about to do on this post. I’ve been scheduling things in advance, making series and guest posts shine so I don’t drop the ball on blogging this summer. Plot Twist: I miss writing! So here I am, with 22 minutes to spare until my next meeting at dive camp- writing.

The summer has been flying by, I’m already done with two weeks of dive camps with only two weeks to go! And then three weeks of camps in Vietnam…did I ever really tell you guys what’s been going on? Probably not. Basically I was in Indiana for a week, Iowa for a week, now I’m beginning another two weeks in Indiana before heading back to Iowa July 11th (MY BIRTHDAY!). After spending a couple days away in Chicago with the boy, I’ll be off to Coach for College in Vietnam July 16th until August 11th!!

I joke that this has become the summer of me living out of my car. Before the first in Indiana I moved apartments, so I’ve hardly settled in and have spent a total of 30 hours driving between the various dive camps. I may ACTUALLY be living out of my car. I have no idea where anything is in kitchen but can get between Iowa City and Bloomington without a GPS and hitting the cheapest gas stations. I have zero idea where in my room I packed the cables for my printer but I have the weather for five different cities on my phone. The things that have come out of my mouth the past couple weeks include…

“Where is my ____?”

“I can’t find my ____”

“I left that in Indiana”

“Is it raining where you are?”

“See you in seven hours”

“I’ll be back in _____ days!”

“No I don’t play soccer” <– in reference to the fact that I’m coaching it in Vietnam

Alright my 22 minutes is up. Aka everyone is here and we’ve started the meeting and I’m still typing. BUT I JUST WANTED TO SAY HEY AND I MISS YOU GUYS THANKS FOR STICKING WITH ME!



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