Pinstripes and Lipgloss {Interview}

Thanks to Taylor Yates for agreeing to provide lauren elyse CAN with an interview!Taylor’s blog, Pinstripes and Lipgloss, and has been one of my favorite blogs since joining the Her Campus Blogger Network, and she never fails to write hilarious lifestyle posts!

What made you want to start a blog last year?
I love to write, but my major doesn’t require a lot of writing. I’d missed writing, and I was looking for a way to write outside of my studies. I saw a friend’s blog, and decided that blogging seemed like a good way to express myself. My blog started as a journal of sorts. I’d write sporadically and on random things. This December, I decided to get serious and actually give my blog a proper name and a focus. And here I am!

Why did you decide to study business?
It was haphazard, really. I originally wanted to be an English major and then go to law school, but when I heard about the University of Pennsylvania’s business school, I thought that an undergrad in business would be more useful and a great foundation for law. I applied and was accepted, and about a year in, I realized I loved business and dropped the law thing entirely.

Could you name your favorite and least favorite thing about college?
My favorite thing about college is how much it has exposed me to the world. I come from a small town in Wyoming, and so moving to the middle of Philadelphia and attending a huge university has been an amazing experience. I’ve met people from so many diverse backgrounds and gotten to experience a city very different from my own. It’s hard to come up with a least favorite thing, but I would say that my least favorite thing about college is that it’s one step closer to the real world. Sometimes I stop and realize that I’m about two years from graduating, living on my own, and making major life decisions. It’s exciting but it’s also scary!

What about your favorite and least favorite things about blogging?
My favorite thing about blogging is building relationships, not just with my readers, but with other bloggers. It’s an amazing feeling when you post something personal and someone comments with their own personal story. I love connecting with my readers and learning from amazing bloggers. My least favorite thing is probably how hard it is to get out there and get readership. Some days I feel like I have all this amazing content, but no one’s reading it, and it can be really frustrating. I just tell myself it’s not a numbers game, and that once you start looking at the numbers, you stop focusing on producing great content.

What’s a hobby you’ve always wanted to get into?
I mentioned this recently on my blog actually, but I’d really like to learn how to cook better. I can do basic things well, but I’d like to learn actual techniques. I think cooking is a timeless skill, and I’d love to learn myself so I can teach my family someday.

What’s a goal you’re working on now?
This is a little vague, but my biggest goal right now is improving my readership and my blog as a whole. I’m working on a redesign as well as collaborating with other bloggers and with companies as well. I’m also in the process of setting some tangible, more specific goals for where I want my blog to go.


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