Dear Blog…

My goodness I have missed you! I haven’t forgotten about you; in fact I’ve thought about you for five weeks. Things have been busy, I know that’s not an excuse, but I was on the other side of the world. So that’s kind of valid. I missed our late nights and new friends, and I would say time wasted but it was always time enjoyed so that can hardly be counted.

Well the good news is in and I’m back and here to stay! I know the summer quality was average, and thank you to the guest bloggers again who helped me out while I was away! I’m excited to get back to writing again. I honestly missed it. I’ve got a ton of ideas and topics I want to play with, lists to write, and photos to share. You’ll hear all about the summer I am sure, and how I’m settling back into life as a fifth-year student-athlete. My mind is just craving routine- not the routine that’s boring and tedious but the routine of feeling at home and feeling settled. This summer was incredible. Easily the best summer of my life, but it was hard. It was hard knowing that my apartment in Iowa still had boxes in it to be unpacked, and how much time I was taking off from diving, not to mention not seeing family or friends for weeks on end.

I couldn’t be happier to be back in Iowa. I’m ready for the season to start, and I’ve gotten rid of all the boxes in my room and I’ve gotten to see and catch up with friends; it’s starting to feel like home again. Due to some pool construction we won’t start training till next week which is fine because I’m still in super Nam Mode* and need to get my head in the game of answering emails and going to class!

Anyways, to summarize my long rambly post I’m happy to back and I haven’t forgotten about this blog and I can’t wait to be posting regularly again. Thanks for sticking with me :)

Nam Mode: levels of chillness way above what you normally experience. Side effects include being lazy, naps, coconut cravings, and not worrying about your email.


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