Lunchtime Coffee

Hey folks I promise I’m still alive and kicking! But I’m also on one of the computers in the Library on campus, hence the lack of media in this post. Let’s go with bullet points instead, shall we? I haven’t given you guys a proper update in a while. Let’s hash it out.

  • The first round of exams and tests are in, and while I did fine in everything it was a nice wake up call reminding me that I need to pay slightly more attention to school than what I’ve been giving it. You only get out of it when you put into it.
  • We changed our lifting schedule which means I don’t have to wake up at 5am anymore. I feel like a brand new person. I can think clearer, my workouts are more effective, and I’m not calculating how much sleep I’m getting all the time
  • I’ve got threeee posts filed “Drafts” that will be going up soon. Every single one of them has to do with food. Honestly, is anyone even surprised.
  • I am not excited it’s fall at all. I love pumpkin and apple recipes as much as the next girl, and leggings with a hoodie will forever be the comfiest outfit, but I am NOT feeling colder weather, midterms, getting over the summer…I feel like I’m boycotting college girl status because I haven’t even order a Pumpkin Spice Latte yet and everyone knows it’s not fall until you do.
  • Debating a blog redesign, again…I really like change apparently. This is like those moods I get in when I rearrange all the furniture in my room. It feels like a complete life change without the consequences of anything actually bad or permanent happening!
  • Also in the works I’m currently mustering my organizational strength (I swear, there’s some in there) and organizing a blogging challenge! I’ll post the details when I finalize them myself, but I’m excited! I love writing, and find myself missing it every time I take a break. So here I am, thinking of a goal/project to keep me on my toes. To actually be challenged, not just busy.

Well the coffee’s gone which must mean lunch time is over. AKA I’m heading back to the pool for practice numero dos of the day. Happy Weekend!


Music and Anchors

I’ve never posted a playlist before, but there’s a first for everything. Do eight songs even count as a playlist? Probably not. Whatever. If you’re like me and play the same songs over and over and over until you hate them, eight songs is really all you need.

Music can be the rock, the anchor, the tie you need to keep you grounded. Music has been the constant in my life right now to bring myself up when I’m down, and accompanied me when I feel like letting go of some of the hurt. Music has this incredible power to influence my emotions like no other, and sometimes I need the help. Sometimes I need the stimulus. Sometimes I need someone else to sing what I’m trying to say.

I recently saw Craig Campbell live in concert, and it was a perfect night. He was playing for a small crowd of people, less than 100 of us, in Rock Island, IL (between shows in Chicago). He was such a personable guy- laughing with us, having conversations, bringing people up on stage. It was an outdoor concert next to the river, and the atmosphere resonated with me. I felt the music, I felt the crowd, and for the evening I forgot everything that was hard and everything that I had been dealing with. Knowing I wouldn’t see any of those people again, I danced alongside the music, let myself tear up at certain lyrics, and left my phone in my purse all night. It’s a weird feeling to have to find yourself again at 23, but I’m coming back. I’m the same person, with a different perspective. This is still the time of my life (and this is the current soundtrack). Breathe it in and close your eyes…ever danced barefoot in the grass to the radio? Have you ever had a night so quiet you could hear the trees? Ever get so lost that you never want to leave? And have you ever let your heart run wild in the dark cause you wanna see where it leads? It’s about time….

For the days you just gotta dance- for joy, for confidence, to relieve stress. Because Sam Hunt has the voice of an angel, and Meghan Trainor may the most confidence-inducing video I’ve seen (how can you argue with “every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top”). And T-Swift, duh.

When you feel like crying- letting it out. Showing emotion, and not apologizing. Feeling the hurt, acknowledging, and peacefully moving past it.

And the songs that give you hope. When you just might be figuring it out. I’ve never seen The Fault In Our Stars, ah, well. Blake Shelton is the man. And the lyrics at the start of this playlist? Last song on the list :)

What songs get you through?


Taking Back the Blog

Someone recently asked me what I want my life to look like. What do I want my life to feel like, taste like. How I want to walk through the world.

It’s been no secret to those around me that I’ve had a hard time settling back into life after the summer. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- it was the most unreal summer of my entire life. It was hard, but I grew, and I learned. I had the time of my life, and now my life is how it was before with school and diving and friends but things feel different. I feel different. Things aren’t how they used to be and I’m trying to work through what’s permanent and whats not. I’m trying to figure out what I want my life to look like- not just make it look and feel like how it did before.

There’s been some personal shit going on in my world right now. I don’t mean stuff, I mean shit, because it hurts, like when you stub your toe or slam your hand in a door and you can’t help but let out a emotional “shiiiii-“. This post is about moving past that. Apologizing to those around you for swearing and getting on with your life even if your toe still hurts like a bitch.

I want my life to look and feel and taste happy. I want to love my life, every minute of it, and love it even when it’s hard and I wish things were different. I want to train hard again. I want to find my motivation to sit down and study. I want my life to be healthy, and full, without questions or doubt. I want to feel at ease. I want to travel, and do yoga, and go for runs, and write about it all.

So what do I mean by Taking Back the Blog? Basically I’ve fallen into this trap of trying to be an author that I’m not. I love this blog, and the direction that it’s gone in, and the following and the friends that I’ve made, but I’m reclaiming some of it as mine. I don’t have to be chipper all the time, I really don’t. I’m going to WRITE. I’m going to share what I’m really thinking, and really experiencing, and share every single reason why I’m in love with my life.

I’m still going to write about recipes, and meal planning, and how I make my life easier. I’m going to write about diving and travel and the things I can’t live without. I’m just going to make an effort to write more- to vent more, to share more, to not worry about a “niche” or an “audience.”

I’m creating what I want my life to look like, from the inside out. Let’s talk about it. I’m taking my own advice.


Still Oatmeal Obsessed

You’d think the number food I missed while I was gone would be something epic, like the rolls at Texas Roadhouse or chocolate chip cookies or Starbucks. Unfortunately, no, and if anybody has even read a fraction of my blog posts you could probably guess what I missed the most.


Oatmeal was probably the number one thing I craved while I was gone, with melted cheese being a close second. Fro yo being a solid third. Right now however the Midwest is still in summer mode (which I’m totally okay with) which means that my oatmeal dreams have only come to life a few times when I actually want hot food.

The other day however I wanted overnight oats, the nice and cold delicious kind SO bad (like the oats found here). The problem was, it was 5pm. And I also really wanted yogurt. What I threw together next is possibly one of the best oatmeal creations I’ve ever had. Trust me, if it’s an option I’ve tried it in my oatmeal (nuts, chocolate, protein powder, maple syrup, fruit, seeds,

I don’t even know what to call this. I said it tasted like a fruit cobbler, but like a stupid healthy one. So, Oatmeal and Yogurt “Cobbler”? I would say Breakfast Bowl, but ya know. 5pm probs.

What you want (need):

  • Old fashioned oats
  • Yogurt (I used Yoplait)
  • Add In’s: I used chia seeds, flax seeds, raspberries, and coconut (duh)

Stir 1/3 cup of oats in 2/3 water and microwave on high for 45-60 seconds. It shouldn’t be liquid-y at all when it comes out. Add whatever you want in terms of Add Ins: this is where I stirred in my chia seeds, flax seeds, and coconut!

Now this was the best part. Take your yogurt, empty it into the oatmeal bowl, and mix in. The first time I tried this I used a raspberry flavored yogurt to go with the 4 cartons of raspberries I bought earlier in the week (they were on sale can you blame me?). The second time aka the next day I made this I used a mixed berry flavor!

Top with boatloads of raspberries (or whatever you prefer).

And that’s it! This is probably the easiest recipe I’ve ever posted up here, but who cares. I’m in love. I got to satisfy my oatmeal craving, my yogurt craving, AND the yogurt cools down the oatmeal slightly which made it perfect for the 90 degree day. It tasted like when you have a fruit cobbler and then you add vanilla ice cream and it melts…so it’s slightly warm and sweet and creamy. All I want to do is make this again and again with every type of yogurt I can find. Wondering what it would be like with Greek yogurt…results to come soon :)