Music and Anchors

I’ve never posted a playlist before, but there’s a first for everything. Do eight songs even count as a playlist? Probably not. Whatever. If you’re like me and play the same songs over and over and over until you hate them, eight songs is really all you need.

Music can be the rock, the anchor, the tie you need to keep you grounded. Music has been the constant in my life right now to bring myself up when I’m down, and accompanied me when I feel like letting go of some of the hurt. Music has this incredible power to influence my emotions like no other, and sometimes I need the help. Sometimes I need the stimulus. Sometimes I need someone else to sing what I’m trying to say.

I recently saw Craig Campbell live in concert, and it was a perfect night. He was playing for a small crowd of people, less than 100 of us, in Rock Island, IL (between shows in Chicago). He was such a personable guy- laughing with us, having conversations, bringing people up on stage. It was an outdoor concert next to the river, and the atmosphere resonated with me. I felt the music, I felt the crowd, and for the evening I forgot everything that was hard and everything that I had been dealing with. Knowing I wouldn’t see any of those people again, I danced alongside the music, let myself tear up at certain lyrics, and left my phone in my purse all night. It’s a weird feeling to have to find yourself again at 23, but I’m coming back. I’m the same person, with a different perspective. This is still the time of my life (and this is the current soundtrack). Breathe it in and close your eyes…ever danced barefoot in the grass to the radio? Have you ever had a night so quiet you could hear the trees? Ever get so lost that you never want to leave? And have you ever let your heart run wild in the dark cause you wanna see where it leads? It’s about time….

For the days you just gotta dance- for joy, for confidence, to relieve stress. Because Sam Hunt has the voice of an angel, and Meghan Trainor may the most confidence-inducing video I’ve seen (how can you argue with “every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top”). And T-Swift, duh.

When you feel like crying- letting it out. Showing emotion, and not apologizing. Feeling the hurt, acknowledging, and peacefully moving past it.

And the songs that give you hope. When you just might be figuring it out. I’ve never seen The Fault In Our Stars, ah, well. Blake Shelton is the man. And the lyrics at the start of this playlist? Last song on the list :)

What songs get you through?



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