Lunchtime Coffee

Hey folks I promise I’m still alive and kicking! But I’m also on one of the computers in the Library on campus, hence the lack of media in this post. Let’s go with bullet points instead, shall we? I haven’t given you guys a proper update in a while. Let’s hash it out.

  • The first round of exams and tests are in, and while I did fine in everything it was a nice wake up call reminding me that I need to pay slightly more attention to school than what I’ve been giving it. You only get out of it when you put into it.
  • We changed our lifting schedule which means I don’t have to wake up at 5am anymore. I feel like a brand new person. I can think clearer, my workouts are more effective, and I’m not calculating how much sleep I’m getting all the time
  • I’ve got threeee posts filed “Drafts” that will be going up soon. Every single one of them has to do with food. Honestly, is anyone even surprised.
  • I am not excited it’s fall at all. I love pumpkin and apple recipes as much as the next girl, and leggings with a hoodie will forever be the comfiest outfit, but I am NOT feeling colder weather, midterms, getting over the summer…I feel like I’m boycotting college girl status because I haven’t even order a Pumpkin Spice Latte yet and everyone knows it’s not fall until you do.
  • Debating a blog redesign, again…I really like change apparently. This is like those moods I get in when I rearrange all the furniture in my room. It feels like a complete life change without the consequences of anything actually bad or permanent happening!
  • Also in the works I’m currently mustering my organizational strength (I swear, there’s some in there) and organizing a blogging challenge! I’ll post the details when I finalize them myself, but I’m excited! I love writing, and find myself missing it every time I take a break. So here I am, thinking of a goal/project to keep me on my toes. To actually be challenged, not just busy.

Well the coffee’s gone which must mean lunch time is over. AKA I’m heading back to the pool for practice numero dos of the day. Happy Weekend!


4 thoughts on “Lunchtime Coffee

    • Thanks Taylor! you know those moods where you just feel like getting a haircut (or getting your nose pierced, not like that didn’t happen freshman year)? I’m just thinking I need a little change in my life haha but no plans as of yet! I loved your whole rebranding by the way!!



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