Committing to My Corner

So in my last post I told you I was brainstorming a blogging challenge..well here it is. Sitting down at the end of the day to write. I know, it seems anticlimactic. But that’s okay. Not every step has to be a big one.

I’m going to publish a blog post every single weekday in October.

Seems simple right? I’m not making promises for at what point during the day, if I post something at 11:30pm before I fall into bed I’m counting that as a success. If I schedule posts three days in advance that’s awesome too. What matters will be that I’m publishing something every single day.

I needed something to get me out of the sophomore fifth-year slump. I needed something to focus on, to get my mind off of things and to focus on the best things in life. To be productive. It had to be something that would keep me busy but not take up worlds of time. It had to be something that was FREE (I’m looking at you hot yoga studios- is it really that expensive to keep your studio warm). I needed something that would be challenging but not impossible. Productive but not academic focused. Creative without risk of injury (err I’m not the most craft inclined person). And I needed something that I could be held accountable to, which is why I can’t just say “journal.”

There’s a dozen reasons why this won’t actually happen- we start competing in TWO days and have a meet four out of the five weekends in October. I plan on going out of town two weekends. I have a midterm in every single class as well as regular projects, papers, and homework assignments.

But that’s sort of the point of this isn’t it? To get OUT of the routine of diving and school? Things have been going well recently- I’ve been feeling stronger on the boards again and I’m interested in the subject matter of classes now that we’re into the semester. But I still feel this need for something more. I love my friends and my family and my social circles, but I need something that’s mine. Last time I got this urge to carve a little corner of the world for me I started a blog.

Now I’m committing myself to it.

In less than a year I’m not going to be a college student anymore. That’s a MASSIVE adjustment and I’m trying to wrap my head around it and it gives me a headache. I don’t really have a purpose for blogging every day besides writing for the sake of writing (and clearing out some of my drafts?). but maybe I’ll find some answers to question I don’t know I have yet.

31 days and 23 blog posts would easily be a record for me. Who cares. I’ve done a lot of things I’ve “never done before.” Let’s make this one of them.



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