Black and Gold at 10:37pm

Second day of my self proclaimed blogging challenge and here I am sitting down to write at 10:37pm! Like I said yesterday, I’ll consider this day a success regardless. It’s before midnight, I’m writing, and it’s not like I procrastinating doing it this is just when I happened to find time today.

Tomorrow is one of those days I don’t know when I am going to find time to write. That’s when you make time- that goes for exercise, mediation, whatever your floats your boat and right now mine is this. Tomorrow my day will start at 6:30am and likely not end till 10:30pm. I have weights, class, practice, lunch meetings (doesn’t that sound official wow) team photos, meet warm ups, dual meet day one, parent social and team function with recruits. Not my most typical Friday, but not the worst day I’ve had in college either.

I haven’t competed for the Hawkeyes since March of 2013. Taking a year off from college competition was one of the longest years of my life, and so beneficial even if I missed a few meets. Do I feel competition ready with all my dives in October? Not in the slightest. Am I excited to get back up on boards with the tiger hawk on my chest, representing my team and community? More than you can imagine. Competing as a Hawkeye has been the greatest gift of my entire life. Once a Hawkeye, always a Hawkeye. Do the results from this weekend’s meet mean anything? Not at all. I could win both boards or come dead last and it means so little. We’re training for February. We’re training for the championship season, and these meets are just to get our heads in the game.

I’m all in. I’m so excited. I’m nervous, but I’m proud. This team has meant the world to me for going on five years now, and tomorrow is the last first meet of it all. It’s going to the first of a lot of “lasts”.

One of the greatest comforts in the world is knowing that where ever I go in life, I will forever be a Hawkeye. This team has been my family and this team has been my home. Whether this was my first dual meet or my last meet of all time, it’s a community. I never competed for a team until I came to Iowa, and the feeling is much stronger than competing for yourself. Even now, writing, I can feel my heart swell in my chest for all the amazing men and women I’ve had the privilege of calling my team mates and my friends.

Tomorrow might be the beginning of the end, but this is a lifelong identity. Until the Game is Won #Hawks


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