Friday Part Two

6am on a Saturday and I check my phone to see that I’ve been told I have an hour and a half left to post….NOOOOO damn you WordPress app I published something over LUNCH yesterday! From my phone, not connected to wifi. It seems so silly to blame missing my third day on technical difficulties, but I’m going to. Apparently whatever I sent out into the world didn’t even save, so I sincerely apologize for this second attempt at an October third.

Did I mention it’s 6am on a Saturday? Who in their right mind gets up before the sun rises on the weekend? There’s something profoundly lovely about the new apartment I’m in, and that’s the big balcony doors that fast easy and let the sunlight pour in and flood the apartment in the morning. Flood is the only word I can use to describe it- the sunlight fills each and every corner of space in here and when I step out of my bedroom on the days I get up after the sun rises it’s like the greatest gift and wake up call I can receive.

Less than an hour now till the sun goes up, I’ll enjoy my coffee and get ready for the day till then. Sorry about the technical delay again folks. Happy Weekend!


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