A Life Hack for Meal Prepping

Happy Monday folks. It’s SUCH a Monday for me here, I don’t know why but I am dragging my butt around. I also have a midterm in two hours and 45 minutes…but who’s counting. Let’s make this post about saving time anyways!

You hear it all the time about how meal prepping saves time and money and all that jazz and I’m not denying it! Fortunately for you folks I’ve got a big meal prepping post coming your way, but for now I’m going to share the #1 fastest make ahead lunch I could muster.

So, have I ever mentioned I like smoothies?

Is anyone sick of the fact that I only ever bring up the same six foods?

Seriously guys- making your smoothies ahead and taking them for lunch was one the best life hacks I’ve come across! You can make as many as you want (or can, if you’ve got enough heavy duty water bottles) in less than 10 minutes. And you can jam pack them with so many good things- why pack a salad and fruit for lunch when you can basically have that in milkshake form?? (Yeah that doesn’t sound appetizing at all. Just trust me).

I found what works best for me is taking my smoothie out of the FREEZER the night before I want to bring it with me and put it in the FRIDGE OVERNIGHT. Then once I throw it in my backpack in the morning, by the time lunchtime rolls around it’s the perfect amount of thawed to dig in with a spoon or the same consistency of a freshly made smoothie!

Here’s what I used on my first three:

Smoothie #1: Vanilla Greek yogurt, vanilla protein powder, frozen spinach, frozen strawberries, flax seeds, skim milk

Smoothie #2: Frozen spinach, banana, frozen mango chunks, vanilla protein powder, ice, skim milk, flax seeds, chia seeds

Smoothie #3: Frozen mango chunks, frozen strawberries, vanilla protein powder, flax seeds, ice, skim milk, oatmeal

Okay so my ingredient list isn’t the most exciting thing on the internet, but it just goes to show that in under ten minutes you can a different lunch EVERY single day that will fill you up on healthy foods- and all you have to do during the day is let it defrost!

Has anyone else had luck with make ahead smoothies? I haven’t tried peanut butter yet but I want to; wonder how that would freeze!


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